Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Meltdowns, and Hockey: It’s All About the Wons

What a week.




International Women’s Day, Bully Day, Stanley Cup Day,  earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns.

Butt in today’s pre-planned weekly address, Big Guy used the opportunity to remind us that women are still getting the short end of the stick in the workplace:

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama marked Women’s History Month on Saturday with a pledge to work for legislation that would further address pay discrepancies between men and women

Because everyone knows we still discriminate here in America, and, as always, women and minorities are impacted the most. Apparently, they always will be. That’s just the way the collectivists amongst us have designed our world.

Back to less pressing news though: regarding the potential nuclear meltdown in Japan,

The president said he asked Energy Secretary Steven Chu to offer assistance and be prepared to assist with any breaches in the system.

Because we are the world leaders in nuclear technology. No wait. We aren’t; we haven’t commissioned a new nuclear plant since 1975. Oh well, we’ll help out anyway. After all, Chewy has a Nobel Prize. And maybe we can use this disaster to prove that we don’t want any more dangerous nuclear energy plants here. Which is good news for GE and their windmill industry. No, wait: GE makes nuclear reactors too! This is what I call a real official energy policy dilemma.

I’d suggest you all check into getting your own mice on treadmills as an emergency backup system.

mice on usb tm

At the presser yesterday, Big Guy reiterated our “unshakeable” support for our Japanese friends – a somewhat unfortunate choice of words. Butt he did manage to communicate his deep, personal concern:

“I’m heartbroken by this tragedy,” he replied. “I have such a close personal friendship and connection to the Japanese people– in part because I grew up in Hawaii where I was very familiar with Japanese culture–that that just makes our concerns that much more acute.”

When have we ever had such an empathetic President?

sizematters There is nothing that he can’t place himself in the middle of.

Finally, the high point of yesterday: Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind street hockey event in conjunction with a visit from the Chicago Blackhawks. They came to the Big White to show off the Stanley Cup they won last spring. (Because it was hockey, and because they have very few African Americans playing in their league – another case of discrimination -  we couldn’t fit them into our major league trophy winner schedule until now.)


Butt it was worth waiting for:

bhPolitically incorrect sport, sporting an even more politically incorrect team name and mascot. 

Obama Hosts Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh bKjsvtbcZMul  The real deal (the Stanley Cup, I mean)

Big Guy was presented with his very own facsimile of the world famous Lord Stanley’s Cup:

butminessosmallButt this little guy is nice, too.

Who says “size matters?”