Monday, March 7, 2011

Where Up is Down; Cold is Hot

Welcome to Washington D.C. home of the nation’s Imaginarium Theatre. Here, nothing is as it seems to be:


jgalliano2 Galliano for Dior

  • Union protestors marauding in Madison for 3 weeks are portrayed as downtrodden souls just trying to scrape by,


while peacefully protesting against Nazi tactics.


Union protesters practicing their “civil” rights


4031380806_08eded5528_o New York Times Polling Pool (for more polling tactics, see here)

Where “we must live within our means” means we have to find a way to increase our means.


Where a union ball buster like Michael Moore speaks credibly of  “solidarity” with his union brothers in Wisconsin.

moore You tell ‘em, Mickey (h/t Pink Flamingo)

Butt finally:

fog juice

Out of this fog of confusing obfuscation, smoke and (blush) mirrors comes this piece of news you can believe in. Something, finally, that makes perfect sense.

Lady M is rated #1 on the new Quinnipiac “hot meter” poll of politicians!!!!!!

It was a close heat however, with Chris Christie coming in just 3 points below MO.  Butt she blew the doors off Sarah!

 amo2 sarah-palin2


 232x348  ORIOLES



SARAH RUNNING SHORTS  michelle-obama-walking-dog-450a061509   shorts michelle

The results:

  • Michelle: 60.1
  • Billy Clinton: 59.2
  • Christie: 57
  • Big Guy: 55
  • Sarah: 38.2

And there you have it, a “hot” poll you can believe in.

The only thing is, normal body temperature is 98.7. By that standard, all of these candidates would be on life support.

And just exactly what does it say for globull warming?

Al_Gore_February_2006 Fortunately for all, Algore was not in the running.

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