Monday, March 14, 2011

“I Have a Dream”

forbiddenBig Guy in his “Members Only” jacket at China’s Forbidden City

We live in dangerous times. I can tell. Especially when former supporters start saying things like this:

His responses range from halfhearted to wrongheaded. Nothing is working.

…and accusing Big Guy of “having hit a wall” and “being in over his head.” Something is amiss.

His proletariat is being run roughshod over in Wisconsin, the world is acting as if Big Guy is no longer the titular leader of the free world, and even the planet seems to be flipping off his assertion that his reign would would introduce the beginning of the earth’s healing.

And then this: his jokes at the Gridiron dinner fell a little flat and failed to get rave reviews too. This will not be tolerated. What do the people around here think we hire writers for? To make Big Guy look like a second rate comic? Heads will roll.

The one thing I know for sure is that the buck doesn’t stop anywhere around here. No wonder we packed Harry’s sign up and sent it back to his library in Missouri.

buckstopsherefrontsmallNot so much

With all this criticism, is it any wonder Big Guy dreams of being leader of China’s proletariat, instead of his own?



Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

Now there’s an idea.

And Lady M seemed to be quite comfortable around the little Chinese people.


And she looks great in all tones of red


Plus, she already has Asian hair.

michelle-obama-roller-wrapI’m not sure about the food, though. I think the Chinese meaning of the term “organic” is somewhat different from ours.  Butt she does like those little Chinese BBQ ribs.

So if our former compliant members of the MSM insist on continuing to report drivel like this:

He is a man of the faculty lounge who wants a blank slate so he can remake the nation into a more perfect place, as he sees it. Remember, he greeted his election with the messiah-like claim that future generations would say, "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal

But damn it, the country and the world won't cooperate. Because he has no significant experience that would give him a framework for any other response, he is reduced to vaporous platitudes that dispirit allies and embolden adversaries.

He wants America to be less exceptional and more like every other nation. He's uncomfortable with our status as the No. 1 superpower, as he made clear with his apology tours and by submitting to the lowest common denominator in the United Nations.

…Meanwhile, he punts on the budget mess, as if details are beneath him. On soaring gas prices, the purpose of his dreary Friday press conference, his policy seems to be peevishness that he must be bothered.

We might just pack up and take our patented “Winning!” on the road to China.

I’m going to go check Lady M’s closet for something appropriate, in case we have to pack quickly for a campaign appearance. Something traditional would be nice. Maybe something like this:


In the mean time, Big Guy’s gotta trudge through yet another day without a golf date. He’s got a full scheduley: he and TOTUS are going to a grade school in Virginia this morning to talk about the pressing need to change the “No Child left Behind”  (NCLB) bill – not to be confused with Lady M’s companion bill “No Child’s Fat Behind” (NCFB), both of which are vitally crucial to America’s future. And then later today, he’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark:

"The President looks forward to discussing with Prime Minister Rasmussen the strong ties between the United States and Denmark, the common global and security challenges our two nations face, including counterterrorism, the situation in the Middle East and economic and environmental issues,"

Butt what he really intends to discuss with Denmark’s PM is what happened back in October of 2009 with that Olympic bid. He’s still smarting from that rejection, too. And let’s face it: that never would have happened in China. Or Chicago.