Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Perigee Has Landed

Yes, it’s true: Big Guy and Lady M, en familia arrived in Brazil coincident with the the largest full moon of the year.

moonA perigee moon is large enough to influence tidal events

I believe the trip was specifically coordinated by State and Organizing for America to coincide with this event, but I’m unclear on the message this symbolism is  intended to send. Although I’m pretty sure that it had nothing to do with Lady M’s butt.

We did arrange for some supportive headlines/stories in advance of our departure:

Obama has Brazil swooning over arrival of a black president

“In Brazil, we have all kinds of culture, people, and our inner identity comes from black people,” said Melo, 47, a drug abuse counselor in City of God, a favela made famous by the Brazilian film of the same name. “That’s why I think Obama is important for the world, because a poor guy suddenly becomes the most important man in the world.”

Butt unfortunately not everyone in Rio reads the Washington Post. They were busy making their own headlines: Anti-Obama protest turns violent.

47670-970x600-1 No, not Libya, Rio

Butt don’t worry, it was just a few racist Brazilians acting stupidly by throwing Molotov cocktails at the U.S. consulate in  protest of the imminent visit of Big Guy.

racists Racists demonstrating in Rio


Not that these anti-Obama sentiments had anything to do with it, butt our SS decided to move Big Guy’s big speech from the historic Cinelandia Plaza where we expected a half million worshipers, to a slightly smaller venue, the Municipal Theatre, where we will be able to seat 2000 fortunate, hand selected fans.

Apparently Brazil’s unions did not receive the memo from Richard Trumka, confirming BO’s union creds. We may have to provide a bona fide long form membership certificate.

Anyway, we got off on a good foot last night, everyone looking excited and happy to be off on spring break:



…and arrived this morning in Brasília, looking equally happy.



Of course this isn’t just a fun trip to South America. (Although we did get our favorite Air Force Won pilot to do a fly-by of the giant Jesus statue for us. Fly-bys have been sort of unofficially kiboshed since that unfortunate little flap over the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t think anyone would notice down here though.)

Anyway, this is “officially” a trade mission, as Big Guy told everyone in his pre-recorded Saturday radio address this morning:

"As we respond to these immediate crises abroad, we also will not let up in our efforts to tackle the pressing, ongoing challenges facing our country, including accelerating economic growth. That's why, over the weekend, I'll be in Latin America. One of the main reasons for my trip is to strengthen economic partnerships abroad so that we create good jobs at home,"

So, got that? We’re here to figure out how to tap into Brazil’s new found growth spurt. And oil. And to see if they will loan us Brazillions of dollars so we can continue to keep HOPE and CHANGE alive here at home.