Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day: “Present” and Engaged

 fore someThe Wons with Ireland’s Prime Minister and his Mrs.

Last night we joined in the annual  “wearin’  ‘o the green” and partied down in the Big White with the leaders of the free leprechauns, Enda and Fionnuala Kenny.

irish little eye When Irish (little) eyes are smiling

enda and wifeDoes this Irish shamrock make my butt look small?

erin eyesWhere ever did you find that Keebler elves tree pin?

OK. Any more questions about why the Wons have spent the last 2 St. Patrick’s days partying with the Irish? Good. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

For example: everyone is starting to notice our MIA President. Last night Newtie, with the audacity of a dope, called Big Guy a “spectator-in-chief” who is presiding over “maybe the most passive and out-of-touch presidency in modern American history.”

That’s harsh.Somewhat true, but harsh.  Let’s review Big Guy’s position on recent situations that - in the past - would have been considered crises worthy of the attention of the U.S. President: 

The roll-call vote: I report, you decide

Egypt: “present,” eventually

Libya: “present” (sort of)

Bahrain: “present,” disengaged

Japan Earthquake: “present,” disengaged

Japan Tsunami: “present,” disengaged

Japan Nuclear disaster: MIA

Budget: MIA, but gave his proxy to Joey B, who promptly left for Russia

Unemployment: “present,” disengaged

Inflation: “present,” disengaged

Energy policy: “present,” spouting politically expedient lies

Golf: fully engaged

Parties: (Motown Review, Gridiron Club, etc.)thoroughly engaged

Fundraisers: hyper engaged  

Not, as the Washington Times helpfully points out, to imply that Big Guy hasn’t been busy:

None of this is meant to suggest Mr. Obama hasn’t been productive. He laughed it up at the Gridiron Club dinner, took a stand against schoolyard bullying and spoke on the radio about Women’s History Month. Over the weekend, he played his 61st round of golf as president and finalized his March Madness bracket picks, predictably avoiding controversy by choosing the four top seeds for the Final Four. On Monday, he attended a gathering of potential big-money donors at the St. Regis hotel that Democratic Party officials insisted was not a fundraiser. Sure, it was not a fundraiser; and the White House isn’t coming across as disconnected, weak, passive and paralyzed either.

Butt let’s be fair: Big Guy worked really,really hard to cram pass ObamaCare last year. He feels like he’s earned a little time off without being criticized by everybody from Hill to Jake Tapper.

Back when we were Community Organizing in Chief it was work, work, work to get out the vote, butt once you delivered your quotas you could take the 2 years off in between elections. This new reality is difficult to adjust to, and, frankly, so unfair.

Big Guy didn’t think anyone would notice his sabbatical as long as Lady M kept the press busy following her around as she made really important contributions to a “whole bunch of stuff” ranging from her victory garden to ending childhood obesity in one generation.

Anyway, we’re busy with damage control now, since Fox news is making such a big deal over Big Guy’s lack of leadership. No one will be able to accuse him of being MIA this weekend. He’ll be in Rio, baby! And you can take that to the bank.