Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bridging Our Trade Gap With China: TWF. WTF?

Updated with a little traveling music brought to you by Little Mo:

Big Guy’s headed to the Quad Cities today to tour a factory in Bettendorf, IA and talk about how  "Manufacturing serves as the backbone of communities across our country and the continued revitalization of the manufacturing sector is critical to America's success as we compete in a 21st century global economy." (from our Big White pre-trip guidance pak for reporters.)

We all know how Big Guy loves visiting American manufacturing facilities, and supporting American jobs:

broadway here i comeBringing a little of that famous Obama razzle-dazzle to the factory floor

I guess he hasn’t heard about the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge being rebuild in China yet.

“California decided not to apply for federal funding for the project because the “Buy America” provisos would probably have required purchasing more expensive steel and fabrication from United States manufacturers.”

Ruh-Roh! San Francisco is circumventing the Buy American Act, implemented to “protect domestic labor by providing a preference
for American goods in government purchases?
” This doesn’t sound good, does it?  I don’t think any of Big Guy’s buds at the AFL-CIO, UAW or SEIU are going to like this one little bit. I wonder why San Fran Nan isn’t all over this? Maybe some of her 62% increase in personal wealth last year came from investing in bridge rebuilding projects.

Man, if he can’t get this embarrassing San Fran cost cutting measure turned around pronto, I don’t know if Big Guy will be welcome back onto the floor of all those factories that he loves to tour during campaign season. Here he is in 2009 with a worker showing him, ironically, how he makes these large bolts that are used in bridge construction: (I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.)

Screenshot Studio capture #100Big Guy visits the Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company factory in Ohio, 2009. They make bridge fasteners. How’s that HOPE and CHANGE workin’ out for you, fella?

Just a quick recap of our economy performance under Big Guy’s stewardship (Results calculated after our $850 billion shovel ready Stimulus package):



PRICE OF GAS:     up 104%

So, everything’s up! That’s good, right?

On the home front, Lady M is back at the Big White and resting comfortably following her triumphant “Queen of Africa” tour.


As soon as she’s caught up on her sleep, she and Air Force Won 2 will be hitting the fundraising/campaign trail for Boston and Burlington, VT. So we’ve got that to look forward to.

We’ve all got to do our part this time around, because with the R-words doing everything in their power to sabotage the economy, we’ve got a lot of spinning to do. Maybe we can borrow some of these turbine engines from Jeffie to help us get into the spin cycle.

generatorWhoa! Looking into the abyss can make you a little light-headed if you get too close.


In unrelated news, Hillary Clinton announces a new role for U.S. State Department: Rock Star Promoter. Yep. State helped Lady Gaga get a Euro Gay Pride gig set up in Italy. Because we have a lot of excess capacity in the State Department now that we’ve hired our summer interns.

Plus, Hil has a soft spot in her heart for the lovely Lady Gaga.


A little of Lady Gaga’s lipstick on Hil, and we could be separated at birth