Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Transparent Safari,Troop Withdrawal and Release of Strategic Reserves. TWF. WTF?

Last week, both of our Big White incumbents displayed the savvy and skills that made them uniquely qualified for their historic roles in the Big White in the first place.

While Lady M ate, hugged and charmed her way across South Africa to improve relations between the U.S. and Africa and promote youth engagement, education, health and wellness,

YOUCH“I can’t stop eating French fries. Butt eat your vegetables!”

Big Guy was equally busy pandering to his own various special interest groups. Beginning with his Afghanistan Big Read geared to the Code Pink crowd. He announced his victory and scheduled our troop withdrawal, which we are now free to do because, as you might recall, Big Guy killed Osama.

Next, Big Guy announced the release of our strategic oil reserves in order to drop gasoline prices (because what’s more strategic than our popularity?) And in case you were thinking this was simply a cynical political move, you’d be wrong. Because Timmy (I am not a tax cheat) Geithner explained that it was not, repeat not political.

BTW, speaking of Administrative apologists, Jay Jay also took the opportunity last week to explain how complete transparency works at the Big White: we report on all of the Big White meetings, except the ones we don’t. Because we have our reasons:

"We have been very transparent about the president's schedule… The president has meetings that we don't put on the schedule and that stands for reason," Carney concluded.

There. That should clear everything up.


Then, on Thursday, Big Guy was busy in New York raising about a gazillion dollars at 4 DNC fundraisers in New York City in order to “Win The Future.”  BTW, I note in our Big White Blog that  we are now changing our campaign 2012 slogan up from time to time with “The Way Forward” or “TWF.” Nice, but it doesn’t have quite the same panache as “WTF” does it?

And Big Guy even managed to squeeze in a visit with the troops last week, whom he has nothing butt the greatest respect and admiration for:

THEYALLLOOKALIKEBig Guy, giving a shout out to all the corpse men. He loves ‘em, butt they all look alike in their uniforms.

So, while Lady M was flying home from her great African adventure:

coming homeLeaving the homeland for home: Flaps up!


Screenshot Studio capture #098wekin3klm3voodoodoll

…Big guy managed to shoot off another round. Of golf, that is.

In case you’re still counting, that makes 13 weekends in a row, 16 times this year and the 74th round of his historic presidency. It will be awhile before anyone is able to breach this record.

butt obama

Butt all I can focus on is that this means Big Guy’s managed to go 7 weekends this year without golf! Wow! That’s got to be some kind of a personal record too.



UPDATE: Last week, Little Mo’s Pop was asking how much our wonderful vacation campaign trip diplomatic mission to our ancestral continent cost US taxpayers. Well, now, thanks to my buddy Keith at White House Dossier, we have the guestimate: under $1million, butt over $500,000. We achieved our goals: Lady M, GrannyR, the Wee Wons, the nieces & nephews and everybody else got to go on safari and eat fried fat balls in Botswana and we got oodles of great pictures to help us Win The Future, er, uh, help us find The Way Forward!?!? WTF?

I say money well spent, don’t you?