Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If the Economy’s Wrecked, You Can’t Re-elect. Verdict: GUILTY. WTF?

Is it any wonder Big Guy has been looking so haggard lately:


Not only is his end-of-summer book report due right after the Labor Day holiday, butt now we’ve just identified yet another constitutional role that falls on the shoulders of the Federal government: instruction on appropriate honoring of the dead at memorial services. You wouldn’t think that sort of instruction would be necessary, butt on second thought…

dis dressBO/MO, posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for Sergeant First Class Jared Monti

Step one, according to the Boston Herald is to look sad. We seem to have been practicing that part, and pretty much have it nailed.

home3Just pretend you have to come home from vacation a day early

So is it any wonder we haven’t had time to deliver our Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! speech yet?

Also distracting from our important agenda this week: false reports alleging that Big Guy did not really ride on his Big Black Bus during his infamous Mid-west heartland tour.  I have evidence that not only is this report not true, butt that Big Guy was actually driving the bus himself:

Screenshot Studio capture #198photo credit: BKeyser

“Whoa! What’s this? Another dead-end? Does anyone know how to drive this thing”


Although we must be doing something right, because I see that Mexico’s President Calderone has taken a page right out of the official Obama Playbook and blamed American consumers for Mexico’s continuing drug wars:

Mr. Calderón made "an appeal to the society, the Congress, and the government of the United States" asking them to "reflect on the tragedy that Mexico and many Latin American countries live through, in large part, as a consequence of the insatiable consumption of drugs" in the US.

So apparently someone is paying attention to our tactics. Coincidentally, el Presidente is running for reelection next year too. Unless someone changes his mind.

Butt enough news from the political world. Closer to home, you may remember that FOM and MOL Clarice has been subpoenaed to sit on a grand jury right here in our nation’s capital. She of course can’t  discuss the matter brought before the grand jury, butt I can!


Grand juries as a rule make the Wons a little nervous, butt since this one was called hot on the heels of the Judicial Watch and the trolls at Fox News complaint about Lady M’s little road trips, you would think that maybe Lady M would really be all wee-weed up about it. Butt no; she remains remarkably calm; almost comfortably numb.

mo antoinette-1 WM

My  sh** detector circuit when berserk when I heard about it though, so I decided to do a little sleuthing. I have now learned from my secret source (Little Mo), that although there are 6 individuals being investigated, only one will be brought before the grand jury initially. If an indictment is obtained in the first case, a rapid cascade of indictments will be issued subsequently in a manner that will send shock waves throughout the country.

In the first case, prosecutors will seek to indict - are you ready - a Ham Sandwich!


The as of yet unindicted co-conspirators have been identified in court documents only as Cheese 1, Condiment 1, Leafy Vegetable 1, Vegetable 2 and Sugary Soda 1.

Specific charges against the Ham Sandwich remain sealed, butt it is reasonable to speculate that they will include RICO charges, because everybody brought before a grand jury is accused of violating some aspect of the RICO act. Other charges include violation of the Federal “hate crime”  Act because the Ham Sandwich is made with a pork product, clearly not halal and therefore sending a hateful message to the Muslim community, violation of  “animal cruelty”  laws because it is unapologetically not a vegetarian sandwich,  and finally, violation of  the “child abuse” Act because it can, and has, contributed to the development of a child’s fat behind.

Wow! No wonder they say you can indict a ham sandwich!

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