Friday, September 2, 2011

E-mailing it In

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Apparently Big Guy really doesn’t know how to play poker.

POKER_OBAMA,_TOTUSButt he sure does look like he knows what he’s doing!

He didn’t use the exact words this time, butt never-the-less he sent John-Boy the message: “don’t call my bluff.”  This time he was talking about rescheduling his joint session of Congress “jobs, jobs, jobs” speech. Butt old John’s been playing cards a lot longer than Big Guy and, recognizing an amateur’s hand, went ahead and called him anyhow.

So Big Guy had to throw down his cards. Now he finds himself on TV Thursday night - up against Kid Rock and Lady Gaga’s pre-game  send up of the NFL season kickoff, and the Big White staff is furious.

It’s gotten so bad that JJ is beginning to develop an involuntary tick/sneer with his left lip. Watch, beginning around the 12 second mark. If he can’t develop a better game-face for defending our team’s tactics he may have to be benched:

Big Guy thought he could finesse the hand he was holding by pulling  an “unprecedented” move and simply declare the date and time he would address Congress. Oh,oh! Apparently that’s not how it works, at least not constitutionally speaking:

The fact is a president cannot schedule a joint session of Congress on his own hook. He simply does not have that power Constitutionally. He must ask the Senate majority leader and the speaker of the House of Representatives if the date he is requesting will work. Such a date has to be agreed upon by Congress before announcements are made. Obama did not do this.

It may be time for Big Guy to admit that he doesn’t know much about poker (or the constitution), and stick with something he’s better at. Like sending emails to his true believers:

At 10PM on the night of August 31, Obama’s reelection campaign sent out an email titled “frustrated.”

“I know that you’re frustrated by that. I am, too,” the email had Obama “saying” to his supporters.

The email goes on:

It’s been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on. That’s why I’m putting forward a set of bipartisan proposals to help grow the economy and create jobs — that means strengthening our small businesses, giving needed breaks to middle-class families, while taking responsible steps to bring down our deficit.

The president continued: “I’m asking lawmakers to look past short-term politics and take action on that plan. But we’ve got to do this together.

This whole joint session date dance was obviously engineered to make the GOP look like they are obstructionists for the president’s obviously selfless desire to get America back on track and the Old Media did its best to assist Obama to parlay that feeling.

Really, it was just so they would know that he felt their pain.

So, with the move to Game day, Big Guy has been forced to go on air at 7:30 EDT, requiring his California team to listen on the radio since they’ll still be stuck in traffic on their way home. He really had no choice once he decided to reschedule his own game-changer speech; he sure didn’t want to get called for a delay of game too.

delay of game

In other important email news, Big Guy just authorized the launch of our official answer to the Tea Party assault: the Obama 2012 We The People campaign. He had Plouff-Daddy send out this email to his loyal minions explaining how our grass roots populist propaganda pogrom will work:


Good morning,

We're about to change the way Americans engage with President Obama and his Administration by launching a new way for you to join with fellow Americans to petition the federal government on a range of issues.

It's called We the People and you can learn more about it, and sign up to be the first to know when it's live here.

President Obama believes that government should be open and accountable to its citizens, and that's the goal of We the People. This online platform gives Americans a direct line to the White House on the issues and concerns that matter most to them.

Soon, anyone will be able to create or sign a petition at seeking action from the federal government on a range of issues. If a petition gathers enough signatures, the White House staff will review it, make sure it gets to Obama Administration policy experts, and issue an official response. President Obama will even answer a few himself.

While this is a big change for the White House's website, the idea is actually written into our founding documents. Throughout our history, Americans have used petitions to organize around issues they care about. We the People gives you a new way to join together with others to ask your government to address a problem, change a policy, or take action on a range of issues.

We the People will be launching very soon so start thinking about the issues that matter to you and the people you'll ask to join you.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.


David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President

P.S. Help us spread the word about this new tool by forwarding this email to ten friends. And remember, if you want to learn more about We the People and be the first to know when it is live, head to


This email was sent to
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Please do not reply to this email. Contact the White House
The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111


H/T pipedream

According to the Blaze:

The White House unveiled a new online tool Thursday intended to help individuals petition the government. The new “We the People” feature, accessible on, is, according to White House director of digital strategy Macon Phillips, “a new way for your voice to be heard in our government.”

Per We the People’s features, if a petition garners enough signatures — 5,000 names within 30 days – the White House promises lawmakers will review it and that the White House will craft an official response.

I think our new Digital Propaganda Czar, Macon “Bacon” Phillips will be a very, very busy man if we’re going to respond to every petition with 5000+ signatures. And fortunately since he’s working on “official government work”  his overtime will be paid by the Federal government instead of the Obama for America campaign fund. We need to watch every penny of that billion dollar campaign chest!

Little Mo (not an official government employee and therefore not required to carry any water around here) can’t wait for the official start up of the “We the People” campaign. He has already drafted his first petition:

“We the People petition the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, to fulfill his promise to Matt Lauer that ‘if I don’t have this done in three years’  it will be a one term proposition. Accordingly, we the people call on President Obama to resign as of January 20, 2012”

I don’t know, I think this campaign has the potential to backfire.

Do any of you have petitions you’d like to launch?

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