Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in the O-zone

Well, the official score came in just before Big Guy left for Camp David:

Jobs:            0

Obama:       0

So it’s a tie.

Big Guy didn’t have a chance to comment on the box score since he had a father-daughter date at Camp David.


And if a person were to believe in omens, this might be considered a bad one: first Big Guy and Wee Won Two were diverted to Fredrick Maryland from the helipad at Camp David due to “weather conditions.” They completed their trip by motorcade. Although there was some speculation that it was just to avoid the Press - since the diversion was actually planned before they ever left the Big White, butt the media was not advised. Others have far more nefarious explanations. (H/T Kathy)

Anyway, then, yesterday afternoon, some idiot flew his private plane into restricted airspace over the Camp and had to be escorted out by an F-18 fighter jet.




I don’t think he’ll do that again!

Big Guy sure doesn’t need all these distractions while he’s busy working on his jobs, jobs, jobs plan.

fairygodmother-thumbAnd then the fairy job mother appears…

Lady M didn’t go with BO and Sasha yesterday morning. She’s still mad at Big Guy for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss butt may or may not have to do with his/her drinking habits. Don’t worry though, she and Wee Won One will be joining the rest of the family at Camp David about an hour before Big Guy has to leave on Sunday for his Presidential review of hurricane ravaged New Jersey and his big Labor Day troop review (union, not military) in Detroit. The speech will be a mini-preview of the BIG speech to Congress, so don’t miss it. Plus, Aretha Franklin is going to be his opening act! And Pug Trumka will be this year’s mascot for Detroit’s annual Labor Day parade!


No wait, that’s not right:


This year’s Detroit rally and Presidential appearance is brought to you exclusively by the AFL-CIO.

trumkaDick Trumka: delivering for the AFL-CIO since January, 20, 2009

Anyway, the bad news just keeps piling on. After Big Guy’s retreat on the ozone standards yesterday, it looks like we’re going to have to talk the enviro’s in off the ledge. We surely are not use to this kind of talk, at least not from our own side:

“Many MoveOn members are wondering today how they can ever work for President Obama's reelection, or make the case for him to their neighbors, when he does something like this, after extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and giving in to tea party demands on the debt deal,” Ruben said in a statement. “This is a decision we'd expect from George W. Bush.”

What ever made these people think that Big Guy would oppose anything in the O–zone?

Screenshot Studio capture #204

Any hoo, Lady M is getting rested up for her big role in ensuring Big Guy’s reelection. She’ll be ready to go as soon as the DNC comes up with the right incentives. As we speak, her agent is negotiating over the final details. The sticking point seems to be Lady M’s demand that she get a percentage of the total box office campaign take. Butt once they explain the questionable legalities of that arrangement to one of the brightest Harvard Law School graduates of all time, I’m sure they will all be able to settle on a suitable work-around.


And we’ll be ready to select our new campaign wardrobe and hit the trail. Committed to WTF since 2008.

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