Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obama Takes Charge at FEMA: Appoints Megazord Power Ranger Hurricane Czar

Once again it was much ado about nothing. I can only assume that our MSM  have never heard the fable about the little boy who cried wolf once too often.

al gore all pumped up on his own hot air

Butt that reminds me, did you hear that Al Gore thinks global warming deniers are racists? And he wants us all to eat less meat too. Unclear how that’s working out for him.

GoreThat’s a big, dark, empty hole, isn’t it?

Specifically what Algore said was “we have to win the conversation” (WTC? WTF?) on global warming. As opposed to winning the argument, since, theoretically anyway, winning an argument requires the use of facts and logic. His artfully assembled comments (perhaps assisted by Naomi Wolf once again?) were:

"And we still have racism, God knows, but it's so different now and so much better. And we have to win the conversation on climate."

That’s some brilliant rhetoric. I think Al’s the second most intelligent man on the planet. Did you know that, just like Big Guy, he won the popular vote? And he would have been president too, butt for that pesky electoral college.

Butt I digress. Getting back to another big wind: Irene. People may stop paying attention to the media-hypers if they pull this shenanigans too many more times. And if people start to get really fed up with over-hypers, it’s even possible that the same fate may befall little boys crying “racist” once too often. Butt we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Meanwhile back at the Big White, the political-hypers were busy getting Big Guy out in front and in charge of this pending Irene catastrophe. While they couldn’t think of a way to blame the looming catastrophe on Bush, they sure didn’t want any negative comparisons to him either (which is why we had to leave the Rock before our last round of golf.)

Especially since some of our Obamabots have gone off the reservation lately, some even insinuating that Big Guy plays too much golf. That’s just crazy. we all know that he won’t rest until every American that wants a job, has one.

So in one of the two remaining epicenters of the universe, President Obama (as indicated on his nameplate, for the benefit of those who hadn’t voted for him),


grabbed the reins of power at the FEMA Washington D.C. command post…

The Morphing Grid A Power Rangers WikiFEMA Command Central Morphing Grid

…in an attempt to calm the seas and heal the earth. Big Guy  immediately demanded that the swirling winds of CHANGE stop acting stupidly.  Apparently it worked, as he was able to tame Irene down to a Cat 1 from the previously media-hyped Cat 4.

In order to pull it off though he had to call in some of his big guns:


“Yeah, Zoldar, this is your Hurricane Command Megazord speaking. I’m launching Operation Ninja Storm.”

ninja storm  lightening megazord

“Send Storm Trouper Lightening Megazord

storm lightning

out to reverse the direction of the hurricane winds; then have Thunderstorm Megazord


blow it out to sea. Got that? Oh yeah, and make sure they use the smallest carbon footprint possible. I’ve been catching some blow back on that lately. This is your Hurricane Command Megazord signing off.”


“As of now, I am in control here.”


Hurricane Command Megazord addresses the FEMA team, letting them know that he and his Megaczar Megazords have everything under control.

Click to embiggen

Controlling the universe is hard work. Big Guy never sleeps. Like rust.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as a Power Ranger Jobs-Jobs-Jobs Megazord? I’ll go check on E-bay.

untitledThe Jobs Megazord: able to morph a trillion dollar stimulus into a 9.2% unemployment rate!

Maybe that would cheer people up around here. Everyone seems a little bummed out lately.

aa-sasha-obama-9a.photoblog900H/T Vanderleun

Or maybe that’s just because school’s starting soon.

ESPN H/T Blonde Gator

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