Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama’s Rocco Recovery Plan

In case you were wondering – and I know you were – the answer is yes! Lady M will be present to listen to Big Guy’s speech tonight. She’ll be in her special FLOTUS peanut gallery (which has room for 20 special props du jour). Joining her this evening will be a whole bunch of little people who wouldn’t have jobs butt for Big Guy’s generous use of your tax dollars to “invest” in his favorite kind of “infrastructure for the future” -  railroads and high-speed off ramps. We had some people from the green energy business lined up too, butt apparently they got laid off last week and can’t afford the trip.

The joint sessions of Congress always provide us with fashions worthy of royalty; opportunities to display Lady M’s considerable talent for selecting and wearing extraordinary fashions.

waxsotu butt

Like these SOTU frocks from the past: he incredible inflating butt plum dirndle, and the platinum pre-wrinkled Jackie sheath.

In the past, we’ve gone dark and we’ve gone light. I’m guessing a nice, grey mid-tone for tonight’s fashion statement on our economic recovery. Either that or red.


So, only a few more hours before we find out exactly how Big Guy intends to fix the economy. I’ve seen his draft: I call it his “Rocco Recovery Plan”

“After an $830 billion "economic recovery" plan, two auto bailouts, cash for clunkers, mortgage bailouts and at least two subsequent jobs programs, Obama wants to convince the country that just a little bit more stimulus is what the economy needs to finally get back on track".

I sure HOPE, there aren’t many others who HOPE for a world with no place for Johnny Rocco!

While our official term for Big Guy’s economic strategy is “doubling down,” apparently there isn’t enough money left in the entire world to play our hand that way, so we’re just going to ask for a little bit more. To prove to our supporters that “we are on correct path now, comrades!”

I’m sure Big Guy is glad he moved his big speech to this evening, because he wouldn’t have wanted to miss the R-word debate at the Reagan Library last night. The bad news for the Big White coming out of the debate is that every one of the R-word candidates were deemed to be winners. The only losers on deck last night appear to have been Brian Williams and John F. Harris.

They both seem to have forgotten their briefing books and as result were left to shuck and jive instead. Although that may just be a new progressive strategy they’re trying out.

They managed to get through the debate, butt forgot to ask some of the questions that R-word viewers might have liked to see the candidates respond to, like anything regarding the nation’s precarious fiscal situation.It must have slipped their minds. Butt  they did manage to inquire about Rick Perry’s sleep habits.

It’s still a bit perplexing why the R-words continue to let the enemy camp define the who-what-why-and-how of their debates. Sheeze! I thought the hawkish R-words studied the Art of War.


"If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak."

Beware of those alliances; they present grave problems.