Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Designing Women Want: a Mop to Clean up this Mess?

Let’s start with yesterday’s most important event: The Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards. Lady M, of course, co-hosted the awards luncheon at the Big White.

fashion awards

We wore yet another recycled frock! So I guess this recession must be for real. This recycle is from from our trip to Indonesia last October – only without sleeves this time! How clever, no?

a new trick

Apparently the Indonesians frown on bare arms. And uncovered heads, butt that’s a different story altogether.

better in indonesiaarticle-1328351-0BFFA28E000005DC-690_306x459

Happy times in Indonesia in our wild things prints

While the design awards are given for everything from typeface to floor cleaning products, (Swiffer took this year’s honor )

swifferAward winning Swiffer mop, being pushed around by an Obot

I know you’re most interested in the fashion award.

Unfortunately, this year’s winner, J. Mendel, may be yet another  indication of a Big Guy’s falling poll numbers. Not only is J. Mendel a fifth generation (i.e. old white guys) design house whose designs Lady M has never even worn, butt the two runners up were both Lady M faves: Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung (i.e. not old white guys). However, having reviewed some of J. Mendel the younger’s designs, I think they could work for Lady M:

Screenshot Studio capture #248

At least the model seems to be sporting the right attitude. And the pooling hem is one of Lady M’s favorite affectations.

ohdearAlthough in this pool, it looks like the tide’s going out

Other than that it was a pretty quiet day around here. Until Big Guy got home from his pep rallies

bo columbus pep rally for jobsSoaking up a little lovin’ at the Columbus “Pass it Now!” rally

and we started getting updates on the Weiner seat. And then the finals. Ouch! Looks like the Weiner seat got the Bobbit treatment: 53% Rep–47% Dem in a 90% Dem district! Apparently Big Guy has a Jewish problem – I wonder what that’s all about? Probably racism.

Don’t worry. If the R-words start telling tall tales about Big Guy again - like right wing haters always do - we’re all set up to track them down: we have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military. Oh, whoops! I wasn’t supposed to say anything about that yet.

I better sign off before I get in trouble. Just remember: “If you see something, say something!”

PS: after an unexpectedly long hiatus, Dewey is back with a vengeance. First, a new episode of WTF Theater, “Just Clowning Around” and then a review of the Fourth Estate, “Freedom of Speech? No thanks, we prefer to censor ourselves.

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