Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don’t Kill the Goose that Lays the Green Eggs

Did I forget to mention the lovely sequins embedded in the Indonesian dinner dress that we wore at the Design Awards luncheon? Sorry. I should have told you about them because they are special: solar powered to shine both day and night. Here’s a close up where you can see them twinkling:

fashion awards detail skirt Lady M’s solar powered sparkle skirt

I fear I gave it short shrift yesterday. I don’t believe there’s any truth to the rumor that those little dots are also miniature cameras. However, both Little Mo and Little Bo were completely creeped out and refuse to go anywhere near Lady M. They thought the twinkly lights looked like beady little eyes and have grown quite paranoid. It’s not really a big deal, butt I thought you would want to know.

On to current events. Last night was the annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Awards Ceremony. We wouldn’t miss that for the world! Here’s a quick recap of the first two galas we attended during our historic presidency:

Our black sequined 2009 CHC Awards Dinner,

latina_world_thumb[1]2009 Latina World

And who will ever forget 2010’s “Where the rubber meets the Load”? show?

rubber meetin' the loadGoodrich’s latest iridescent rubber fabric draped on Lady M’s fab-u-lous bod.

So the pressure was really on this year: what on earth could Lady M do to raise the bar yet again?

124967062Solar cell powered totally green gown

Go Green! Departing from the standard Hispanic Caucus palette of black/slate, we went green in a very big way. This frock is made from a special recycled “green” polyester fabric with embedded solar cells  (that’s where the shine comes from!). I heard we loaned the company a half a trillion dollars to see if they could actually make the fabric glow in the dark. Based on last night’s showing, I’d say they’re about 50% of the way there (Big Guy gave them a B+):

bomo cong hispanic caucus2

Unfortunately they’ve burned through 100% of the money, so this may turn out to be the best we can do. I knew it wasn’t easy being green, butt apparently it’s not cheap either. Although we have arranged for tax rebates that allow you to purchase the special fabric at half the price of what it costs to produce. That way we can spread the loss around, while still promoting our green jobs, jobs jobs program! We’ve picked another winner.

bomo cong hispanic caucus3

Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, Big Guy used last night’s soiree to pander appeal to the Latino members of Congress to…that’s right – “Pass the Jobs bill! Now!”

"Passing this jobs bill will put people to work rebuilding our decaying roads and our bridges, and will repair and modernize 35,000 schools by fixing roofs, insulating windows, and installing science labs and high-speed Internet, and getting our kids out of trailers -- all throughout the community, especially in the Latino community, where our children -- the population is growing fastest. (WTF?)

"At a time when countries like China are building high-speed rail lines and gleaming new airports, we’ve got over a million unemployed construction workers -- many of them Latino -- who could be doing the same thing right here in the United States. That’s not right. It’s time for us to fix it. And that’s why Congress should pass this bill right away."

We passed on the dancing this year. Since Lady M is already generally PO’d, there’s no point pushing any more buttons.  So after and making the rounds we slipped away to prepare for another busy day: first we have to dictate our new restaurant guidelines for creating an obesity free world in one generation and then another one of those darn Medal of Honor ceremonies. What to wear, what to wear…?

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