Friday, September 16, 2011

Putting the “Quo” Back in Quid pro Quo


If anyone doubted Lady M’s prowess at the Chicago rules, Pay-to-Play game, behold this:

Darden Restaurants, the world's largest full-service restaurant company, whose brands include Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and Bahama Breeze, today announced the most comprehensive health and wellness commitment in the restaurant industry to date. Darden has committed to reduce its calorie and sodium footprints and to provide greater choice and variety on its children's menus

darden moSorry, butt you’re too fat to eat that!

At her Pay-to-Play seminar yesterday Lady M deftly demonstrated the “quo” part of quid pro quo. If you think the Darden restaurant chain just came up with the idea on their own to offer their customers something they hadn’t asked for, don’t want and undoubtedly won’t like, in order to “reduce its calorie and sodium footprints” – well, think again: 

“President Obama had lunch today with "four business leaders to discuss ideas to grow the economy and create jobs," according to the White House.(snip)

Curiously, one of the participants, businessman Clarence Otis, could have used today's affair to provide President Obama a "teachable moment" (a favorite phrase of the president himself). Otis might have explained to the president the negative effects of Obamacare, and why his business, Darden Restaurants, sought and received an Obamacare waiver.”

Given the earlier negotiated settlement with McDonald’s,

ZZ289CA3121Get out of Obamacare card compliments Michelle Malkin

(apple slices in place of French fires for the same “quid” of an Obamacare waiver) I would conclude that this is either an incredible coincidence, or, despite rumors of trouble in paradise, Lady M and Big Guy are still a formidable team - who only have America’s best interests at heart.

Despite widely circulated reports that Lady M said “All this for a flag?” in the video, what she really said was “I could use some fries.” It was a long day and her blood sugar was low.

I was going to report on the Medal of Honor ceremony too,

moh dakota meyers

butt that’s going to have to wait, due to the ongoing Solyndra pay-to-play controversy. I thought it would be more important for you to get up-to-date on that issue. Please review all the details known to date, as laid out by Jon Stewart, as this could possibly turn into another big effing deal.

Oh, and sorry about the 30 second commercial. Butt as I’ve already explained pay-to-play rules apply in this administration across the board.

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