Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Meals and Happy Days

I just have time to bring you a couple of quickie items before I “git my motor runnin’” for a 2 day road trip to drum up support for Big Guy’s debt ceiling deal. They need me to use my powers to make the unprecedented “$1 trillion immediate cuts” look, well, like “ cuts” and “over a 10 year period” to look “immediate.” I think I can reflect that. Can’t I ???  I may need some help from Hub on this one. He’s much better with that space-time thing.

Everything else is on hold until Bone Man approves the new limit on Big Guy’s credit card.

Moovin’ on, I have good news to report regarding those Mickey D’s Happy Meals they’re packin’ with apple slices.

happy meal-2

After finding more apple slices than paper in the trash bins, Ronald decided to kick the slices up a notch and make them tasty.


apple slices

Yup, that’s a yummy “Caramel Dipping Sauce” you’re lookin’ at!

Lady M really doesn’t mind, because she loves caramel, especially on Cheetos, and the Happy Meals still have apple slices., and they still have her special Happy Meal at all DC area Golden Arches.


And now I have to go, butt I leave you with a little traveling music so you can begin celebrating our historic debt ceiling deal:

P.S. And don’t worry about Lady M. I know she’s had to lay low for awhile, butt she just discovered you can shop on-line! Did you know that the Shake Shack delivers? And Domino’s too!?!

Hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.