Friday, August 5, 2011

Sustaining the Unsustainable

We had a few close friends, political allies, financial backers and family members over for a backyard barbeque last night for the – you know – big 5-0.

grillin out backSous chef setting up out back

You’ll never guess who was here, well maybe you will: San Fran Nan, Harry R, of course, along with the Chi-town set, Rahmbo, Val-Jar, Susan Sher and B-Diddy. Then there were the guests representing the  glitterati think tank: Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Jay Z, Stevie Wonder. Along with 190 other close personal friends and wealthy acquaintances!

And because Big Guy’s PR team finally got wind of public sentiment they left the event off of Big Guy’s public schedule, banned press (read: photo embargo) and put out an announcement that the Wons would be paying for this momentous half century celebration out of their own pocket. Now that’s what I call PR. Finally they did something to earn their keep around here.

As a birthday present though, the group passed the hat after the dancing barefoot in the grass started. Little Mo tallied the gate and reported that all expenses had been covered with an adequate surplus for funding future “private parties” for the Wons. It’s certainly the first and likely the last surplus we’ll experience in this administration.

Because the situation is so tenuous, Big Guy spend time earlier in the day “working very closely with his senior economic advisors to come up with new proposals’ to “work on the jobs situation.”

p080411ps-0360“So,Timmy, you’re right; I do need some new drivers. What do you think? Ping or Callaway?

So, in lieu of live photos, here are a couple I got from Madame Taussaud’s Museum, where they dressed the waxy figures up for the Birthday celebration yesterday:

b-wax hatmadame taussads cupcakes

mt wax

Yeah,I know. They don’t look very real, butt what to you expect? They’re made of wax.

And speaking of waxing reminds me of waning; have you seen the stock market lately?


They seem to be having a Big Guy bounce. And Big Guy’s poll numbers? They’re at least 10 years younger than he is now. In fact, the only thing “waxing” around here lately have been unemployment numbers and the number of houses “under water.” And yes, I know: the Labor Department said unemployment fell from 9.2 to 9.1% in July. What did you expect them to report? This is our second summer of recovery. They have the entire rest of the year to issue a “restatement.”

Butt no reason to focus on economic stuff when we’ve got a good party to discuss. On the menu: chicken, steak, world famous Chicago dogs (neon green relish not optional, we do things the Chicago way around here), salad (“locally grown” of course, if you get my drift) beans and corn and several kinds of Big Guy’s favorite pies. Oh, and Birthday cake. Of course. It was his 50th birthday you know.

bdaycakeJust add 6 and divide by 100 to get our GDP

Lady M used the occasion to blast out an email yesterday to all of Big Guy’s friends and supporters explaining how the Prez is hard at work for the American people:

“Every day, I see Barack make choices he knows will affect every American family.That's no small task for anyone -- and more proof that he's earning every last one of those gray hairs.”

And invited everyone to send birthday wishes to the president by signing an electronic card. Of course, people took the opportunity to send all sorts of messages:


I know some of you have already sent your greetings. I’ve seen them, and I know which ones came from you. Butt for future references, you might like to know that:

“Your names and notes will become part of a book that tells the story of this campaign -- who's building it, why we're in this thing, and what he means to us.”

I sure hope you didn’t use your real names.

Anyway, we’ve got a lot on our plate these days, what with a double dip recession looming large with every “driver” already implemented and every trick in the book already played.

So here are our near term plans for working on this issue of critical national concern: this weekend we’ll be going to Camp David to chill out and getting ready for our week long bus tour through the heartland (e.g. swing states) after having spent a “very sustained period here in Washington.”

USI-hope-to-have-an-Obama-style-campaign-bus-travelling-across-the-countryI wonder if we plan on repainting the bus? People might take this the wrong way.

And then, of course, we will be spending our own very sustained period on Martha’s Vineyard where we’ll be taking the pulse of the very wealthiest Americans who can afford to pay a little more.


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