Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reading Our Tea Leaves



Well, if they won’t listen to the Tea Party, maybe they’ll listen to the people who invented tea:  China told Big Guy yesterday that the U.S. must “cure its addiction to debt” and learn to “live within its means.”

I hate to mention this, but dealing with “addictions” is not really our strong suit.


Nor is anything that requires numbers and math; like budgets.

It looks like we were fortunate to get our Hip Hop dance party in before the hammer came down. And now I know why Timmy wasn’t invited. It wasn’t just because he doesn’t know how to bust a move – other than metaphorically.


It looks like between Timmy refusing to bite the bullet on spending and raising the debt ceiling,


and the Bernanke, running his printing press around the clock, we now have a fine mess our hands.

Standard and Poor’s slapped us with a downgrade from AAA to AA+ and gave us really bad marks on corporate governance too. This is especially painful because it’s the first time Big Guy has ever received anything other than a AAA+ for any of his efforts.

Butt wait! Isn’t S&P currently under investigation for their role in the mortgage/credit default swaps mess? Why yes, they are.

Look a bit closer at what S&P said about the downgrade: ah ha! - it’s all the R-words fault! For not agreeing to raise taxes (revenues)! (No mention of the Dems refusal to make any real spending cuts. Odd, given the over all scolding tone about irresponsible spending in the downgrade report.) Could they be in negotiations for a settlement?

Me thinks me smells a rat!

timmy does he scare you too

And sorry Tiny Tim, you’re the one going overboard in order to “facilitate” this little piece of political finesse. That’s why, despite your snit about S&P making a little $2 trillion error, (surely you of all people, Tiny, understand how easy it is to make an accounting error) they proceeded with the downgrade anyway.

kiss ring

The fix was already in. The wise guys had already cut the deal.


So. It’s done. And sorry Timmy, butt your fingerprints were found on everything: your Stimulus (aka Porkulus), your burgeoning deficits, your toxic asset plans, your debt ceiling call. Gives a whole new meaning to Big Guy’s comment that you were “the only one who can do the job” doesn’t it?

Tim%20Geithner-I%20dunnoTurbo Timmy, explaining our plans for “Winning the Future” WTF

What he meant was you were the only one stupid enough to serve as the fall guy if things went wrong.

timmy cuff check

I needn’t point out just how wrong things have gone, do I?

obamanumbers_htmJWF via Doug Ross

You should have caught on when you were sent to China to tell them that their “ U.S. investments are safe” and even the students laughed at you,:

Screenshot Studio capture #189What’s so funny?

Here’s as simple as it gets: if a “financial wizard” can’t even do his own taxes (with the help of Turbo-tax no less) and get it right, how on earth could we except our little weasel to manage the books of the (once) richest country on earth?

Believe me, I’ve seen Timmy the Tool Man around the Big White and I wouldn’t let him run the till at Starbucks, let alone the largest economy (for now) on earth.

I hope he enjoyed his last meal on the U.S. government with the Bernanke last night:

tim-geithner-ben-monkey see monkey do dojpg

Because no matter how hard he tried to blame the failure to find The Way Forward on Benny,


the decision has been called: we can’t WTF with this tiny little man.

geithner little big man

So in case you ever wondered what happens when you put a little man into a big job that he’s totally unqualified for due to a complete lack of experience, training and temperament: now you know.

You’re looking at it, my friend:


floating O head


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