Monday, October 10, 2011

Banana Republics and the Nuts Who Run Them

Clearly we have a way to go before this clever little device is perfected, butt as Glenn Reynolds might say: “faster please!”

“Carbon Nanotubes were electrically stimulated to bend light rays away from the object behind the cloaking device, leading to total invisibility.”

Can you even IMAGINE how handy this will be on those days when Lady M just flat out refuses to wear her NASA designed “cloaking” containment systems? Do you have any idea how much easier this would make my job?

Now you see it:

washington organic mrkt

Now you don’t:


Slimming MO’s butt is far from the only useful application around here. Solyndra emails? Now you see them, now you don’t! Gun Walker ties to the gun control lobby? Vanished. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS? Gone!…well OK, it’s not applicable to every problem. Butt still, it’s going to be really handy. Why can’t Big Guy loan this high tech company about a half a trillion dollars? It’s electrically charged carbon nanotubes could be powered by solar batteries. And talk about sustainable: what could sustain us more than a scandal eliminator? For a little more green, we could be “clean” too!

Meanwhile, have you seen what’s happening with the Arab Spring - our model for OWS?  It looks like they’ve advanced to the Arab Fall: violence has broken out in Cairo. See how well this works for shutting down any remaining vestiges of capitalism?

Egypt’s benchmark stock index fell sharply early Monday, dragged down by investor panic after the country’s capital was engulfed by violent clashes not seen since the revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak in February.

The Egyptian Exchange’s EGX30 index dropped by over 5 percent within minutes of the start of the trading session…

I know that all these scandals are starting to make 2012 look a tad rocky:

janices bumperstickerH/T Janice

Butt we have nothing to worry about. If things don’t work out with our voter registration drive this time around, you’ll still have an opportunity to see Lady M on a regular basis in her new career as a movie actress.

Last year Woody Allen said Barack Obama was "brilliant" and opined that "it would be good...if he could be dictator for a few years."  Now the extreme leftist actor/director has developed a crush on Michelle Obama and according to The Internet Movie Data Base:

Woody Allen has confessed he'd love to cast American First Lady Michelle Obama in his next movie…

I heard something about a re-make of Bananas:


Although it sounds as if Woody has Lady M in mind more as a character actress than a leading lady.

“With some re-writing to bring the story up to date Fielding Mellish could be the unsuspecting puppet of powerful leftists and hedge-fund managers and rise to become President of The United States, but this time Fielding gets the girl.  "The Front" and his wife could be "Small Time Crooks" who emerge from the "Shadows and Fog," commit a series of "Crimes and Misdemeanors" as they "Take the Money and Run."

Butt based on my experience, I’m not sure playing second fiddle is exactly what Lady M has in mind.

Woody as the original Fielding Mellish:

woody allen bananaswoody2

MO as Fielding Mellish in the re-make? I don’t think so.

MO Woody copymo woody-2 copy

Although she has played a beard on TV.


Chiquita sponsors Lady M’s MYPLATE nutrition program, allowing them to resume their  support of South American terrorists with impunity.

NEWSFLASH: JWF just reported that Dr. Laura Ingraham has officially named the OWS crowd the “Flea Party.”