Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Secret Life of MO:A Real Housewife of Washington

Yes, it’s true: Lady M is frequently unrecognized.

Here she is telling the formerly fat and happy Al Roker how that happens:

h/t Blonde Gator

I’ll tell you the truth, Lady M doesn’t mind not being recognized when she just runs out to pick up a few necessities:


Lady M picks up a few jumbo rolls of BO tissue: the quicker pucker-upper

h/t Fausta

And she doesn’t mind not being recognized when she takes the beloved family pet, Little Bo, to Petco for his de-worming.

Screenshot Studio capture #267Hey little guy! Who let you out?

What really bugs her is not being recognized for the really important things she does for her country. Sure, she’s received many kudos for her No Child’s Fat Behind program for eliminating childhood obesity in one generation (mostly from the SEIU).

Butt I’m talking about all the things she does behind the scenes that she can’t – by virtue of the Constitution – step forward and take credit for. Like transforming America from a hateful, inequitable republic to a country that’s much more fair, much more equitable and much more dedicated to social justice. Like Venezuela.

So when you think Lady M’s acting a little testy,

angry michelleInsulin Alert! Code Red!

try to be a little more understanding. While Big Guy gets credit for all the hard work he does, she’s forced – like our other undocumented workers – to work in the shadows.




And when Big Guy picked up his Nobel Prize for World Readership, all Lady M got was this crummy tee-shirt:

bo and mo teeavailable only in red

So there are a lot of things that Lady M hasn’t been recognized for. Starting with all of the decisions that up until now Big Guy and Eric the Holder have gotten all the credit for.

gun walker stashGun walker stash found in a Mexican drug cartel’s enforcers home base: where on earth did they come from? Oh that’s right! We gave them to him.

They were all the results of the famous (at least inside the Big White) “Lady M/Val-Jar brain trust,” as it’s known around here. Butt now Lady M is graciously going to duck even further into the shadows of the East Wing and let Ricky take all the credit. Because that’s just the way she is.

h/t Fausta