Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jumping Jacks World Record: Another Challenge for the 99%

We are the 53%: Alinsky Works For Us Now

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Well, that was fun. Yesterday I mean. I was accused of everything from being a “trust fund baby” (heh!) to a “cherry picking” yellow journalist (I don’t even have a union card). Oh, and also “retarded” - I thought that word was off the officially-sanctioned PC list.

Whew! Pretty heady stuff for a simple mirror from NASA with a dream.

Butt unfortunately, it’s back to business as usual today. First an update on yesterday’s Jumping Jack Marathon, brought to you by the Guinness Book of World Records. The flash mob didn’t always go as planned, butt then, how many photo ops do?

It was an exhausting event calling on Lady M to jump with the kids for a full minute without a break. And it even impressed the JammieWearingFool: “Wow, a solid minute! She's gonna need some cheeseburgers to replenish after that solid minute of exercise.” AND fries!

I don’t really care if Guinness doesn’t sanction our new world record, because even JWF could see Lady M’s magic at work in this exchange between two of the wee participants:

"She (Lady M) touched my hand!" one yelled. "She touched my face!" countered another. "She touched my hand, and I'm never washing it again!" the first retorted


On the plus side though, all containment systems fully deployed:


creating that enviable long sleek look we’ve come to expect from Lady M’s athletic events.


Meanwhile, also pairing up with Team Guinness, Big Guy was just hanging with the folks in  Orlando. He was showing solidarity with his (unemployed) union brothers in the construction trade by having a beer with them at the Harp and Celt.“They bring a Bud, I’ll bring a Guinness” (soon to be a proud sponsor of Obama For America):

uunemployed construction workers as they sit down for a discussion at the Harp and Celt Restaurant and Irish Pub in Orlando, Florida, OctoberHyping a brew from one of his ancestral homelands, Big Guy demonstrates that he, too, can act like he doesn’t know jack s**t.

No word yet on whether we broke that GBoR’s Jumping Jack record, butt I’m betting “YES!” – official announcement at 3:00 pm today, so watch for tweets. Unfortunately, even though Big Guy promised the guys down at the shop bar that he would not rest until “every American who wants a job, has a job,” Harry Reid was unable to pass his JOBS, JOBS, JOBS bill last night. Which is good, because now we can proceed full speed ahead with the “Republicans are trying to destroy the economy on purpose” meme.

Dems originally eschewed this strategy:

This actually isn’t an argument that Dems initially wanted to embrace. As Kevin Drum pointed out back in June, the notion that they’d take this route seemed far fetched. “No serious person in a position of real influence really wants to accuse an entire party of cynically trying to tank the economy,” Drum noted. “But it would sure make headlines if Obama decided to take up this ball and run with it.”

Now they’re going there in a big way.

Butt once Big Guy gave his handmaidens a “little homework assignment” to “go ask Republicans what their jobs plan is,” the fix was in. Let the games begin.

mayb e we should look for a round tableBig Guy meets with his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in Pittsburgh

The JOBS, JOBS, JOBS Council is made up primarily of big time donors, in order to keep disagreement and arguments to a minimum. If you ask me (nobody did) I think I would change up the optics a bit: ditch the TOTUS mosh pit and switch to a round table.  King Arthur is clearly the superior imagery.

Now, as promised, and with no further ado, a few more entries from the POWS gallery. And as God is my witness, and despite the fact that “cherry picking” is what I do, you can just screen-grab at random from this concurrently highly entertaining and deeply depressing site:

of course they owe you a living-not a jobNow “they” owe us LIVING, not just a job? And he’s one of the lucky ones: isn’t that the EPITOMY of irony? (PS: Mom sounds like one of the lucky ones too)

grandmaDrugs? No, seriously, I know what she means: crime is the only answer after your unemployment runs out. Just curious, is grandson’s mom a felon too? And his dad? Doesn’t that qualify him for Social Security payments or something?

another felonSounds like we’ve located another felon. Although I’m not sure that would keep you out of the country any more.

There are tons more, butt I’ve got to get back to work.