Friday, October 14, 2011

A State Dinner for South Korea and a Dog-gone Good One Too!

Big State Dinner last night for South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and the Mrs., First Lady Kim Yoon-ok.  And no, there is no truth to the rumor circulating that the hot appetizers included hot dogs in an ironic nod to traditional Korean gastronomy.

korean hotdog

Chef did suggest it, butt I think we all know how Lady M feels about hot dogs:


Any-hoo, I know you all want to see the ball gown. In keeping with our patronizing fashion, it was designed by Korean-American Doo-Ri Chung:

mo grecian goddess

Front…and back…

a sweep

and even the normally embargoed side view look really good!

mo side

It actually fits quite nicely! So far Doo-Ri is the hands down winner in the correct fit category. Of course, she had help from our svelte pre-election physique due to our starvation diet (and killer workouts), industrial strength containment systems and a little bit of – shall we say - “magic.”

allan mullaley monotice anything?

Screenshot Studio capture #288

It’s an old Hollywood trick, as so many things around here are.

Cree Inc durham nc“Yes Barack, listen to me: you are the Won”

We hired a new stylist for last night, one who has a lot of experience in the world of art and artifice:



bomo so koI think we nailed it.         h/t Fausta & Mommy Life

Anyway, it was a lovely evening despite rain earlier in the day:

           arrival ceremony for South Korean President Lee Myung-bakwhy do we think this is a good look mo

This Chris Benz ensemble with boob-belt presents proof that style, cut and fit matter.


The rain seemed to melt our physique and containment systems a bit, along with our hair:

mo before dinner

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to say it one last time: over 45, lose the long hair. And I don’t care if it’s imported or home grown, if you catch my drift.


I know there’s a lot of other important news out there, butt I’ve been as busy as a disabled Blackberry, trying to record all of the flash mob sightings of spontaneous Jumping Jack outbreaks around the world, in order to put one in the Win The Future (WTF) column for Lady M.

I will catch up on everything over the weekend, including the plight of the great all- American People of Organize for Wall Street (POWS) protest movement. Don’t miss it.

Oh, by the way, in another nod to enhancing international relations, Lady M has decided to change her official name to “Michelle LaVaughn Obama-A-ok.

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