Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy the American Empire: Czars, left, peasants on the right

Before launching into what’s sure to be a busy new week of protests, fundraising and Guinness Book World Records, let’s recap just a few of last week’s achievements before they’re swept into the ash heap of history.

Around this time last week we were still doing cleanup from Lady M’s aisle 3 Target visit to pick up some treats for Little Bo. As it turned out, this was no mere photo op to move the African Safari off the front page. It was also an official launch of “campaign mode: cue the dog” - as evidenced by a flurry of Big White official, adorable Little Bo pictures recently released:

Bo Unleashed:

bo plays soccerLittle Bo poses plays with a soccer ball

mo little boLady M poses plays with Little Bo

little boLittle Bo poses lounges in the West Garden Room

Butt it worked, because we haven’t heard any more about that African expense report now have we? Of course that might be because everyone is more interested in the new details about Solyndra revealed in our Friday night email dump. Also, people seem to be waiting for the new details related to the Fast and Furious “situation,” which hasn’t caused Big Guy’s faith in Ricky to waiver one iota. Sorta makes you wonder “why not?” though.

Since we anticipate a bit more fall out from those two ginned-up scandals, making it harder to focus on JOBS, JOBS JOBS, we’re going full bore with Van Jones’ diversionary “Occupy (fill-in-the-name-of-of-a-city-near-you) Street American Autumn (Fall) revolution” – a term I see Mark Steyn has indicated might present us with a branding issue:

Indeed, Van Jones thinks that the protests are the start of an “American Autumn.” In case you don’t get it, that’s the American version of the “Arab Spring.” Steve Jobs might have advised Van Jones he has a branding problem. Spring is the season of new life, young buds and so forth. Autumn is leaves turning brown and fluttering to the ground in a big dead heap…They burn brightest before they fall and die, and the world turns chill and bare and hard.

So Van Jones may be on to something! American Autumn. The days dwindle down to a precious few, like in whatever that old book was called, The Summer and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Wow! Do you really think Big Guy could be Emperor? Of the Universe?

In that case I’ll just skip the review of the rest of last week’s achievements because even though they might end up in the ash heap, they will still be remembered for a long, long time.

          soccerbo oct 4

Oh, and after a two week hiatus, Big Guy played golf again yesterday. With hunky Big White Assistant chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, Sam Kass.

bo kass 2009 both leftiesSam’s a leftie too! What are the odds?

Then Big Guy flew off to Camp David (by himself) to reflect on the economy and recession that Bush left him to fix. Maybe now that he’s finally getting a little alone-time he can figure it out.

After all, he is the smartest man ever to be President. And a Nobel Prize winner too.

bo arne and the man who wasn't thereBig Guy has an economic discussion with the only man smart enough to follow his logic (himself)


Note: Dewey From Detroit has a report on the OWS crowd too.

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