Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did He Really Say That?

Today I’m running a special edition of the “Did He Really Say That?” contest. I’ve got two heavy weight contenders: POTUS and VPOTUS. I report, you deride.

To appreciate Big Guy’s entry we have to review the run up to the comment entered in today’s competition. It occurred at Fort Bragg, where he was bragging about ending Bush’s “dumb” war in Iraq:

Now, I’m sure you realize why I don’t like following Michelle Obama.  (Laughter.) 


MO fat butt

She’s pretty good.  And it is true, I am a little biased, but let me just say it:  Michelle, you are a remarkable First Lady. 


MO doggy


You are a great advocate for military families.  (Applause.) 




And you’re cute.  (Applause.)

mo cat lady


I’m just saying -- gentlemen, that’s your goal: to marry up.  (Laughter.) 



Punch above your weight.


Oy! “Punch above your weight”? Is he punch-drunk? Are those negative poll numbers finally getting to him? Yikes! If he thinks he’s taking a beating in the polls, wait until he gets back to the East Wing.

             mo's backside

Cripes, for the smartest man in the world, that was sooooo not smart.

And who besides Big Guy and Lady M could manage to make the official end of a “dumb” war all about them:

Oh, and I thought you’d like to know: in the interest of our new frugality measures, Lady M wore recycled for the occasion: the blouse from her first Babwah Walters interview. Because after all, does ending a “dumb” war really warrant getting a new outfit?

        mo babs  sweater mo

Babwah - talk about punching above your weight…

We let Jay-Jay handle the hot question of the day: Does Big Guy still think Iraq was a “dumb” war, Mr. Presidential Press Secretary?

Reporters tried again on the flight to North Carolina, noting the many sacrifices made over the last decade of the war to ask Press Secretary Jay Carney: “Was it worth it?” Carney also was cautious. “History will judge whether the war was worth it,” he said, adding, “The president’s position has not changed, which is that he did not support getting into this war, did not support the way that the previous administration led us to war in Iraq. And he made that clear during the campaign and that’s not a position that’s changed.”

I take it that’s a “yes.”

Butt I digress. Today’s second entry in the “Did He Really Say That?” contest is none other than Joey B - a past winner many times over, butt still a perennial contender. He was recently interviewed by Esquire, who produced a highly edited article of some of Joey’s more, uh, discrete thoughts. Among the best:

… I would argue that this president has had more land on his plate from the day he got in office than any other president – including Franklin Roosevelt.”

Hee hee. I know we want to compare our self to FDR, so that would explain why Bush’s recession is now “much worse than anyone thought” butt seriously, we haven’t been dragged into a third world war by an air attack by a foreign country from the East. I sure hope that’s not in our re-election plan book.

Butt here’s Joey’s entry for today’s contest:

My dad used to say, "You know you're a success when you look at your kids and realize they turned out better than you." I am a success. But I should have had one Republican who wanted to be an investment banker and make a lot of money so that when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view.

Because there aren’t any Democratic investment bankers:

Today’s winner gets a window with a view.