Friday, December 16, 2011

Portraits and Postcards from our Vacation in the Big White

New official family Holiday portrait! And there’s a whole lot of posed hand-holding here.

new family photo-*H/T Fausta

Alas: a sign of the times we used Big White photographer Pete Souza for this portrait instead of Annie Leibovitz like we did for our historic, first First Family photo back in 2009. That saved us almost $250k right there since Pete Souza only makes about that much all year, whereas Annie charges that much for one photo shoot. And Lady M’s wearing recycled again: this a little black number from September 11th:

mobo walkin away

If that color strikes you as odd for the holiday portrait, remember, it’s an unspecified holiday portrait. Perhaps it’s actually commemorating Pearl Harbor Day.

And we have established the tradition of Black for our holiday portraits, as you see here in  Annie’s photo back when everybody loved Black in the Big White:

Back in the day: This is the previous Christmas card, released in 2009 and shot by Annie Leibovitz2009 First Family portrait

Don’t get our new portrait mixed up with this year’s official Big White Holiday Greeting Card – that would be this adorable painting of our adorable Little Bo posed by the fireplace:

WH-CHISTMAS%20CARD%20AOfficial 2011 Holiday Card

I’m not sure how much the painting cost, butt I think it was done by one of the starving artists at OWS. So that’s another job created or saved.

Anyway, we’re really busy packing up the last minute shipping crate of wardrobe accessories for our Hawaiian vacay, so all I can give you is a quick recap of some of this week’s news stories that I didn’t get a chance to report on yet.

First, let me be perfectly clear: Eric Holder did not INTEND to lie to Congressman Issa about those walkin’ guns.

Screenshot Studio capture #340H/T BKeyser

His intent was to convince him that he was the most ill-informed Attorney General to have ever served in that capacity. (While simultaneously advancing and anti-gun agenda – our administration is known for our multi-tasking.)

Governor Corzine didn’t INTEND to comingle clients money with investment funds and inadvertently lose billions of dollars.

Screenshot Studio capture #343If your intent is not to lie, it’s best to keep your lips zipped      H/T BKeyser

His intend was to cover his losses by doubling down on his bet. (Note: seldom works in Vegas, obviously doesn’t work in European markets either.)

And Governor Rod Blagojevich didn’t INTEND to sell Big Guy’s Senate seat.


He intended to auction it off to the highest bidder.


And just a quick overview of last night’s R-word debate: Newt pouted, Mitt puffed, Perry Tebowed, Michelle smacked a couple of the guys around, Ron stuck his head further into the burning sands of the Middle East and Jon and Rick were MIA. So basically, we could have skipped this one.

The only interesting note coming out of it is that the MSM, believing that they have already adequately neutralized Michelle Bachmann, now feels safe enough to note that she’s actually a “skilled debater.”

Really? Who would know? I mean, unless you actually listened to her. Instead of spending all your time ridiculing her and trying to morph her into your new “Dumb Sarah” doll.


And then I have just this little side note: Romney has been cleared of charges that he used a KKK slogan in his stump speeches. Because he didn’t. Despite what Ms.NBC erroneously reported.

As Professor Reynolds reported:

Conservative blogs called out MSNBC for the report, and when executives at MSNBC and NBC News saw that, they were disturbed that the blog’s observation was reported as fact, without any added reporting.

That’s pretty much how they do everything: Without any added reporting.

MSM: can’t live with ‘em, butt sure as hell can live without them.

Need I say more?

Love the candy cane tie, butt oh,oh! Isn’t that a Christian symbol?

No wonder the Post office is in trouble.

Screenshot Studio capture #345note: not real US postal stamp

See you in Hawaii.

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