Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where did that horse’s “A” come from?

Another Saturday night, another Saturday night fight. And since nobody has called a winner - just a loser – and because there’s another fight on Thursday night, enough about that.

stop bothering meBig Guy can handle all comers from the Party of No-hearts

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. Big Guy went to a “holiday party in honor of an unnamed topic of festivity (i.e. Christmas party) Friday afternoon:

                 going to the holiday partyholiday party

Going to, and coming from the party of good cheer

Then Joey B and Big Guy did the honors at the Army/Navy game yesterday:

bojoe it's a coin tossIt’s a coin toss for these two

Navy won, for the 10th consecutive year. And it’s no wonder: look at the size of those dudes! We’re enlisting them in our Class War, right away!

uhoh, they're surroundedMay the best man win, whoever that is

Screenshot Studio capture #344A horse’s “A” and a shovel: yep, that’s all we need to put another one in the “WINNING” column

Meanwhile, speaking of the Republicans' war on the middleclass: 6% of the country think the economy is “excellent” or “good” and an unprecedented 94% rate it as only “fair” or “poor.”  Butt don’t worry: Big Guy fan and major league supporter, Jay-Z, doesn’t mind paying more taxes – as long as they go for a good cause. Don’t worry Jay-Z, we’ll make sure they do. Would you mind if we take 99% of your wealth – because that’s what we determined to be your “fair share.” And don’t worry about sending the check, we’ll just wire transfer the funds from your account to the Treasury.

Because we’re going to need every last cent of it and then some in order to make things more fairer around here. Especially since the heartless Republicans won’t pass this Bill right now in order to prevent every middle class family from paying more in “payroll” taxes.

bo no time for anything butt campaigningCountdown to…what, exactly?

Idiots – the R-words I mean. Social Security doesn’t need any more funding, not the way we’re keeping the books. So there’s no excuse for not passing this tax reduction and economic stimulus Bill right now!

The Gross National Debt

Sorry, I’ve got to run. I’ve got a lot of unspecified seasonal gift shopping to do. Just my small part to help spread the wealth around. Have a good day.