Friday, December 30, 2011

Half Empty and Still Full of It.

Official news from the Western White House: we were on duty yesterday in an effort to  make it perfectly clear that we are on a working vacation. After Big Guy signed the Stalking Awareness Month proclamation on Wednesday, yesterday we visited the shrine room at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, pausing for a moment of silence and taking part in a petal ceremony in honor of the 1,177 Arizona crew members who died in the Dec. 7, 1941 attack.

For the occasion Lady M chose a new designer frock in fresh eco-green with a gray and white stripey mid-section, and black trim. We complimented the look with one of our signature mini-me sweaters:



Earlier in the day, Big Guy – who never just lazes around - worked out at Kaneohe Marine Base. Here he is, returning to the compound with that look of satisfaction on his face that nothing other than an exhausting work out can give you:

bo pretty boy

Although, I have been wondering about some of  Big Guy’s facial expressions lately. Could I have been reading him wrong all this time? Could it be that he’s not really the upbeat optimist that we all thought he was after all?


Could that big trademark smile actually be a mask of his true feelings?


        Presidente Optimista…   

                  bo kennedy ctr awdscandyman bo

Could Big Guy actually be a closet pessimist? Mitt Romney seems to think so.

"When the president's characterization of our economy was, 'It could be worse,' it reminded me of Marie Antoinette: 'Let them eat cake,'" Romney said, referring to the infamously dismissive remark toward the poor attributed to the queen.

"This is not a time to be talking about, 'It could be worse.' It's a time to recognize that things should be better,"

I guess that could explain some of those scowly faces we’ve seen sneak across his face from time to time.


   or Presidente Pessimista?

             bo poutbo now what

So now I don’t know. Is Big Guy a glass is half-full sort of guy, or a glass is half-empty sort of guy? Frankly, I think he’s practicing a more moderate position in order to appeal to independents:

pout sarahNot so much a full-on smiley-smiley for the Left, nor a total scowly-rebuke of the Right: more of a moderate grimace of complete disdain for all

BO seems to have found a more moderate pre-election position to take on this: he is going to declare that the glass is completely full: half water, half air.

tumblr_ld6iytgAsC1qztk9mo1_500And you didn’t thing Big Guy knew anything about science!

The air half is designated for the little people; just one more reason for the EPA to block any activity that creates any more air poisoning carbon dioxide.

In keeping with this theme of reducing our carbon footprint, an alternate strategy for approaching the half-empty/half-full glass dilemma might be to just cut back on the materials required to manufacture the glass; we could mandate that from now on glass manufacturers just make the bottom half of the glasses. Since we don’t foresee ever needing the top half again anyway.

That’s sort of how we solved our troublesome unemployment situation: we just stopped counting all those people beyond HOPE who gave up and stopped looking for a job.

So don’t think that Big Guy’s just lazin’ around here at the Western White House: he came up with a new WTF 2012 campaign slogan all on his own:

obama-drinking-beerIt’s Miller time! Bottoms up!

Whatever. The glass will still be full.

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