Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cat. Man. Due.


Doug Ross has named the Winners of his 2011 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards. And guess who is a winner for the third year in a row?

Screenshot Studio capture #371



Thank you sooooo much Doug!


I’m snatching one of Lady M’s Doms for my celebration tonight!

You may have noticed in yesterday’s pictures that Lady M hasn’t had any of her usual non-specified holiday, uh, “facials” this year.


That’s because she read about the potential blowback from the overuse of certain - shall we say - facial enhancing treatments.

Apparently too much Botox and cosmetic “fillers” can cause some facial distortion. Who knew?

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Geeze: they do all look alike after awhile

It seems that over use of such enhancing elixirs, especially when combined with other surgical “tweeking” pretty much ensures facial features so feline that you automatically get a membership in the  ‘Celebrity Cat Club’.

With all the other baggage we’re dragging around here, we don’t need that valise as well, so we backed off on the “facials” for awhile. At least until we grow back into our own eye sockets.

6566047859_ca33868199_zLady M, helping Norad track Santa on December 24

Plastic surgeon Dr. Dirk Kremer, explains the phenomenon:

‘While the “pillow face” is caused by using too much filler,

mo nose121696675

the “cat face” is the result of having too much of everything — all done badly. Those soaring eyebrows occur when too much Botox is given, especially in the centre of the forehead.

mo why am I here

This makes it very smooth and can cause the centre of the brows to drop.
‘The outer edges of the eyebrows then fly up in a very artificial way. It’s a kind of Fifties diva look that is ridiculous on most women.

mo cat lady

‘The second element of the cat face is cheek fillers. If too much is put in, the enlarged cheek presses against the eye, making it look smaller and slanted. This is especially obvious if the woman is smiling.


Oh, wait, he said smiling:




Butt enough about that: back to our main man: Big Guy’s putting on one last drive to push his fund raising numbers in 2011 for the 2012 campaign over the roof. Or at least his little people are. So please: pass your fair share along to Big Guy’s coffers RIGHT NOW! We can’t wait.

And if you contribute today you’ll automatically be entered to win the chance of a lifetime - dinner with Lady M and Big Guy.

Or you can just purchase some stuff from campaign central and get a free calendar to track the excitement leading up to next November’s election:


obama biden calander

The calendar features our A #1 team: Big Guy and Little Joey.

doofus and goofusDoofus and Goofus

And as for the “Due” part: as a special unspecified holiday gift to the American people, Big Guy has decided to wait awhile before plunging us even further into the debt abyss. I think it’s because of the holiday; with everyone out of town there’s no one left to sign the IOU.

Actually, some of the duly elected representatives of the debtors want to know what happened to the last trillion dollars we let them borrow before borrowing another. 

Apparently we have not yet taken advantage of the “learning moment” that presented itself with the housing crash heard round the world: that borrowing more money than you will ever be able to repay in 10 lifetimes may lead to some really, really bad results. Evidently we don’t believe that past performance is a guarantee of future results.

So we continue to gamble with the people’s future tax receipts as collateral.  What could go wrong?

whitehouse lightening strikeNot underwater yet,  butt the basement is flooded and the sump pump is broke. Along with the Treasury.

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