Thursday, December 29, 2011

Occupying Honolulu

You can’t even go on vacation any more without critics wagging their tongues. People are still carrying on over everything from the price of Lady M’s sundress to the $4 million price tag on the Wons’ unspecified Winter Holiday here in Big Guy’s alleged birth state.


First, let me point out that Big Guy worked hard in a bipartisan fashion all last year in order to get the Budget Control Act (a leading entry in this year’s “most ironic name” contest) passed last August. As you may recall, the BCA was the very popular bipartisan bill that raised our debt ceiling and reduced spending (towards the end of the next decade) by a whopping $1.8 trillion! Butt that’s not all: at Big Guy’s personal direction Congress further agreed to wrangle $7 billion (that’s billion, with a “b”) out of the Federal year-over-year discretionary budget.

Allow me to do the math for you: $7 million cut, minus $4 million vacation – that’s still a whopping $3 million net savings!

So let’s be done with all the carping, OK? Getting a little “me time” doesn’t come cheap when you’re President and First Lady of the (currently) richest country on earth. Besides, it’s not as if Big Guy isn’t working just because he’s on vacation.

bo golf on the island

BTW, this just in: BO has racked up another historic first, just in time for the year end wrap up. He has now set the U.S. Presidential record for the most time spent on a golf course in his first three years of office. Congratulations Mr. President! What are you going to do now? Go to Disney World?

disneyland-obamaOr possibly Fantasyland, if Mitt's right

And now, a News flash: The Wons dined with eight close personal friends and family members last night at their favorite restaurant in Honolulu: Allan Wong’s. They’ve dined there every year we’ve been coming here.

Because Lady M didn’t like the photos they took of her leaving the restaurant way back in 2009, there was a complete photo embargo of the dinner, just like last year.  As you might imagine, the press, who have been dragged away from their Washington homes to cover the Presidential Winter Holiday vacay, were pretty chagrinned by the shabby treatment.

U100P200T1D296017F12DT20091228043148Lady M, leaving Wong’s in 2009 in her pricey designer shoes.

Especially since this year they didn’t even tell the press that they were going out! The press pool only found out because CNN’s Peter Morris just happened to be having dinner at the very popular Wong’s restaurant when the Wons arrived (Peter was not assigned to the pool last night, so he was slumming). Like Mother Nature, it’s never really a good idea to try to fool  the Press. They will find a way to get even.

We just never seem to learn:

          michelle-obama-and-lambertson-truex-canvas-tote-gallery xhawaii610

Anyway, dinner was a big hit with everyone. Allan Wong is really Lady M’s kind of chef, if you know what I mean:

           morimoto. allanwongjpgAllan makes Morimoto look svelte: must be his “3 local butter” tastings

You may recall that I received an anonymous tip last year from a friend, who had a friend who just happened to have another friend dining at Wong’s when the Wons arrived, and sent along a clandestine picture:

mo at wongsLady M, last year, with Big Guy’s half-sister and half-brother-in-law. Big Guy’s other half-brother George (a 99%er) was still in his hut in Kenya eating, well, bugs.

If you look closely at this shot from last year you’ll notice that Lady M’s face does seem to be frozen in a most unnatural fashion. I am not at liberty to comment on that other than, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. 

So don’t expect any more photos for now.


Until then, let the revolution…er, Occupation continue. Whatever.



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