Monday, December 26, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

What could be better than spending Christmas in Big Guy’s alleged birth state? Spending Christmas in Big Guy’s alleged birth state on someone else’s dime!

So in a show of gratitude to the American people for their $4 million Winter Holiday gift, we spent an hour yesterday visiting with military families enjoying a Christmas dinner at Kaneohe Marine base - which makes the the whole 17 day sleep away seem more like a “business” trip than a holiday!

Earlier yesterday, because we’re now officially into our re-election campaign,  we went to church too:

wow2All I can say is Wow! They look like sisters!

Lady M’s wearing recycled Sophie Theallet, this stunning tablecloth sundress initially appeared on our first historic presidential world tour in 2009 -

bomo ghana

and then AGAIN on our first historic presidential vacation on Martha’s Vineyard:

leaving martha's mo

We also wore recycled for our obligatory trip to Kaneohe Marine base for Christmas hugs and baby kissing,

a baby for me

This time in a Comme des Garcons skirt made up in special island-themed upholstery fabric, complete with decorative upholstery nails:

                  upholsery dots Screenshot Studio capture #359

…last seen here, returning from one trip or another:

michelle-obama-and-lambertson-truex-canvas-tote-galleryDon’t you just hate those water-retention days?

Imagine this chair, minus the cute cat acrobatics, with decorative studs around the arm seams:


And just be grateful, because this special designer skirt comes in other colors too:

comme-des-garcons-3-4-length-skirt-profile  and I already know how you feel about that sofa:


Any hoo, we did the baby thing on Christmas too, because the voters seem to love it. Butt I don’t know when pols are going to figure out what every second rate actor knows intuitively: kids and cute animals always steal the scene. Especially when they have speaking parts. This little guy was deadly on all fronts: not only cute butt, despite not speaking English yet, still able to make a pretty clear political statement:

stuff it 2 bo

stuffit3Stuff it, Big Guy

Although he was by no means the first baby to pass this message along:


This baby acts as spokesperson for his generation, perhaps explaining his colleagues sentiments:

baby speaks for his generationh/t Sleepless in Midland

Kids do say the darndest things. Happy boxing day! From our house to your house.

bo boxes

I wonder if Amazon has an after Christmas sale on brass knuckles?

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