Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Your Money’s Worth

I know you all thought $4 million for a vacation was a little steep, butt when you take a look at this, I think you’ll agree with me that the Wons are definitely getting your money’s worth.

So rest well America, the champions of the little people are squeezing in a little “me time” in Big Guy’s alleged birth state before getting back to work on for the American people. Because as we discovered in last Friday’s interview with Babs, putting yourself first is just “practical”  or something.

Lady M needs the time in order to garner the schtrength to draft the sequel to her “Get Up and Move your Fat Asses”  anti-childhood obesity campaign.

lanikai PillboxesFollowing from behind: local kids respond to Lady M’s directive to “get up and go, an hour a day” along the Lanikai Pillboxes Trail that the Wons hiked earlier in the day.

And Big Guy is garnering his strength in order to rectify his mistake of not adequately preparing Americans for the economic “long haul” of a deep, dark depression - caused by George W. Bush and prolonged and deepened by the R-words in Congress.

Anyway, here’s a peek at this year’s digs where we’re re-chargin’ our solar batteries (non-specified holiday gift from the now defunct Solyndra Industries):

[note: photos provided compliments of whitehouse.gov (parody) website. Pay no attention to the photos provided by Politico. They’re just trying to portray this as a “downsized” vacation. Hee hee – that’s a good one!]


Screenshot Studio capture #364

Our massage room:

Screenshot Studio capture #365

And Little Bo’s room:

Screenshot Studio capture #367

luxurious kitchen:

Screenshot Studio capture #366

Nice kitchen! Our Big White chefs were pleased to be working here on Christmas. Their families, not so much; butt we’re all here to sacrifice.

Here’s a description of our quaint little winter island cottage:

In the past, President Obama has chosen the luxurious Paradise Point Plantation Estate in lovely Kailua as his "Winter White House". In the spirit of openness and transparency, you are invited to view the stunning photos, study the detailed floor plan, and enjoy the magnificent video of the President's winter retreat.

Historically, our Winter Holliday here has been jam-packed with official Presidential activities:

During President Obama's past Hawaii vacations he:

  • Played golf at Olomana Golf Links, Luana Hills Country Club, Kaneohe Klipper, and Mid-Pacific Country Club
  • Visited the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park
  • Visited Aloha Tropical Farms - macadamia nut farm outlet store
  • Had a picnic at Magic Island - Ala Moana Beach Park
  • Visited Punchbowl Cemetery
  • Enjoyed the view at the Pali Lookout
  • Toured the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
  • Went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
  • Body-surfed at Sandy Beach
  • Watched a dolphin show at Sea Life Park
  • Visited the Honolulu Zoo
  • Worked out at the Semper Fit Center at Marine Corps Base Hawaii
  • Went bowling at K-Bay Lanes at Marine Corps Base Hawaii
  • Went swimming at Pyramid Rock Beach
  • Played tennis at Kailua Racquet Club
  • Played some basketball at Punahou and at the Semper Fit Center
  • Had a barbeque on the North Shore with old friends
  • Enjoyed the local dining - spam musubi, shave ice

And this year is no exception. Yesterday Big Guy worked out at the Marine base gym, went on a hike along the Lanikai Pillboxes Trail – and still had enough energy left for 18 holes in the afternoon!


So let’s put to rest once and for all that rumor that Big Guy started himself about being lazy .

And he wants to make this perfectly clear: if you took his comments to Bab about being lazy to mean that he, HIMSELF, is lazy, that is emphatically NOT what he intended to have you infer from what he did not mean to imply. Got that?

He was just saying that IF he was lazy, it would likely be due to the fact that his alleged birth state makes it easy to be lazy with all those nice sunny beaches beckoning.

lazin hawaii

Although not too many people other than the Wons and their friends will be lazin’ on this gorgeous beach since the Secret Service has pretty much done a clean sweep of the little people.

guard-o-canal. Patrolling the Guard-O-Canal near the Wons’ ocean front compound

And Big Guy isn’t the only one getting a little “me time” here in beautiful Hawaii. In fact, the weather and beaches are so nice that Ex-Madam-Speaker Pelosi is also spending her holiday in Hawaii. Although she’s staying in a far more economical suite at the Four Seasons – only $10,000 a night!


Screenshot Studio capture #360Screenshot Studio capture #361







Butt it’s not too shabby either!

So, as I said, rest well America. Our political class is busy relaxin’ in order to shore up the strength to tell all the little people what to eat, how much your fair share is, how to live, think and vote. Especially vote.

Maybe this little video will  help you see why the political class is better, smarter (richer) and more capable of ruling us little people: ‘cuz nothing says “smartest man on the planet” better than a sub zero refrigerator/freezer, built-in microwave, espresso machine and wine cooler.


Paradise Estates: The name says it all, no?