Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love Song of Barack Hussein Obama

Sorry: I was going to report on our new Soylent Pink Slime lunch program today, butt while I was down in the Big White kitchen with Chef Sammy Kass taking a few notes and moving one of the canisters of our secret new food product that had passed it’s “use by” date… well let’s just say I had to spend the rest of day at the nearest Glass Doctor shop getting my lens and frame decontaminated, followed by a fresh coat of glass wax. Not exactly a day at the spa.

So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to file my investigative report on the Soylent Pink Scandal.

In the meantime, in case you missed either Piers Morgan’s interview with Davis Guggenheim – documentary director of the new Big Guy Documentary – who apparently fell in love while filming (occupational hazard, I guess):

…or the  trailer for his resulting movie which I call “Love Song of Barack Hussein Obama” (with apologies to  T.S. Elliot and J. Alfred Prufrock); please enjoy them both.


Let the record reflect for historical purposes that this is a campaign film, paid for by the WTF campaign. Not, repeat NOT, a documentary reflecting actual historical events. Butt then most documentaries these days aren’t.

davis copy

Pied Piper Davis Guggenheim: “Let us go there, you and I”