Monday, March 5, 2012

What Would Breitbart Do?

Indeed. Let’s review: Sandra Fluke “testifies” before a pseudo-Congressional committee about the hardship of law school stew-dents having to purchase their own contraceptives. Rushbo, that lovable little fluff-ball, calls her a “slut” and a “prostitute” thereby creating a firestorm of social media outrage followed closely by a boycott of Rush’s sponsors. Rush apologizes. Which leads me to the question of the hour:


I believe he already told us, in his second to last tweet:

breitbart tweet

Or maybe he’d apologize the way Judge Bean did for a similar offense:

h/t iOTW

Or maybe he’d apologize the same way Sarah Palin’s “critics” apologized for calling her the c-word. Oh wait! They didn’t! Because, I guess, it’s appropriate to attack conservative women with every vile name and epithet they can creatively come up with, and wish that they and their family suffer great bodily harm up to and including death. Because they’re mean or something (conservative women, I mean: NOT their critics).

I’m sure he would revel in Issa’s letter to the Oversight Committee Democrats’ who demanded that Issa demand an apology from Rush.

And likewise, I’m certain that he would make sure Angela Moribito’s response: Sandra Fluke Does Not Speak For Me was posted everywhere.

Perhaps he would wonder if $3000 for 3 years worth of contraceptives for a female law stew-dent wasn’t a reflection of the excesses of liberalism, rather than wondering if this was another indication of how women are victimized by conservatives in our culture.

Or maybe he would observe that in order to more accurately reflect the net cost of her contraceptive bill for the 3 years of law school she should offset the $3000 by the price of all the free dinners and drinks she got during that same time period. If so, this may well end up as another one of the zero sum games that libs seem to love and support.

And Breitbart may have noted that if Fluke didn’t get any free drinks and dinner before needing to use her contraception supplies (that she paid for herself), she doesn’t really deserve the space she’s taking up in law school anyway.

And maybe (I HOPE) he would recommend you read Dewey’s post: Political Theatre and the Fluke Files on what’s really going on here. He may note that Liberals are uncannily adroit at finessing their opponents issues – often creating red herring or straw man arguments around them. Their tactic is to circumscribe all of the acceptable terms of the argument, whip it into an emotional frenzy, ward off all rational discussion by demonizing its opponents as Neanderthals and, finally, announce the position as official dogma. That clears the way for the MSM’s cabal of talking heads to take over and spew the talking points everywhere, just as Alinsky imagined.

The one thing Breitbart assuredly would NOT do is ignore this weak cheese.


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