Friday, March 9, 2012

Weakly Review: Only the Schtrong Survive.

Where to start? The winners dinner with the Wons? Lady M and Hil’s IWD awards? Panetta’s announcement to Congress that we’ll be following the superior constitution of France – or maybe South Africa – from now on? Or an update on the the pipeline to nowhere?

Let’s start there. Yesterday, Big Guy’s Dems – responding to Big Guy’s big stick – deep-sixed the Keystone Pipeline again, making it clear that the Do-Nothing President Congress has chosen our Greenies over, well, our greenies.

moneygreen. religionjpgshrinking%20Dollar%20George%20Washington%20Freaking

Butt it’s not political. It’s ideological. Hard to say which is worse, butt they both result in thousands fewer jobs so I hope it’s worth it.

Next: Leon Panetta informed Congress yesterday that - while they were irrelevant – it would be necessary to get international approval before initiating military action abroad. Apparently that’s their punishment for being a Do-Nothing Congress.

Obamacare-Chartpjm-7-28-10Health Care designed by Congress: Sometimes nothing is better than something

Butt let’s get on to what I know you’re interested in: Lady M and Hil celebrating International Women’s Day.

mo give it up Women Power

They celebrated IWD by presenting some awards to – who else? – international women – of courage.

            mo IWD hil woooo

MO took the opportunity to recognize Big Guy’s secretary, Hillary, for her courage as well:

She is a role model for me in so many ways.  I don't think she realizes how what she has done has made what I am doing partially possible. 

Which was nice of her to say, butt I think Hil knows all to well that what she’s done has made what Lady M’s doing here possible.

Bo Hil 2008 debate2008 Debate

Make no mistake, these are truly courageous women – the ones getting the awards I mean. Take Jineth Bedoya Lima for example:

jineth bedoya lima columbiaOne really brave woman between two really schtrong women

In Lady M’s own words:

And then there is Jineth Bedoya Lima, an investigative journalist in Colombia.  Back in 2000, when she was writing about an arms struggling [sic] network, she was kidnapped, brutally assaulted for hours by those who wished to silence her. But instead of backing down, she moved from her regional newspaper to a national one, and despite continued threats against her life, she kept reporting.

Let the record reflect that Lady M and TOTUS TOO meant “smuggling” not “schtruggling” butt either way it makes Lady M’s own schtruggles with fat kids behinds pale in comparison. BTW, Jineth sounds like she could be a schtrong Conservative woman if she lived here.

mo hil and ladies of the hoodMany of the courageous women award winners are from countries ruled by tyrannical regimes. I HOPE they aren’t the same countries Secretary Panetta will seek approval from.

Surprisingly, no award was given to the bravest, most courageous woman of all:

fluke buttons it upReproductive rights activist, Sandra Fluke, buttons up for a courageous round of “testimony.” At least I think she’s buttoning up.

And finally: a report on the 3 lucky grass root supporters and their guests who won a dinner with the Wons!

woohoo winners bo mo

The winners, above, are ReGina Newkirk, a nonprofit executive from Nashville, and her father, Robert Newkirk Sr., a professor at Tennessee State University; Cathleen Loringer, a former social worker from Wauwatosa, Wis., and her spouse, John Loringer, a Wauwatosa attorney; and Judy Glassman, a retired school administrator from Cambridge, Mass., and her husband Mitch Glassman, a Cambridge artist. Could you find a better group of Big Guy supporters?

Wow! What are the odds that out of dozens of entries you end up with 3 winners from three swing states!? And all 3 of them the kind of women (1 black, 2 white) we’re currently focusing on to help us WTF: a non-profit exec, a former social worker and an ex- school administrator? Wow!

Boundary Road  with bo mo

As it turns out, the odds, all by themselves, aren’t that good. That’s why we helped out a little:

Entrants did not need to contribute to the campaign, according to the official rules. Fifty potential winners were selected at random, then narrowed down to three winners by the campaign, based on its own criteria to offer “an appropriate range of views, backgrounds and interests.” In addition to dinner with the Obamas, the winners had their transportation and hotel expenses covered by the campaign.

We took the winners to Boundary Road, a new, not so pricy (by D.C. standards) restaurant that includes locally sourced ingredients, of course, and seasonal dishes such as paprika-dusted flounder over Spanish fisherman’s stew and hanger steak.

As was the case with the two previous “win dinner with the Won” fund raising lotteries, reporters were ushered out after the iced tea pre-prandial chatter and photo ops. After that the Stoli and wine flowed and a good time was had by all.


       obama dinner winners janoct bo-dinner-Obama

Previous “Dinners with the Won” winners, above. They all look pretty much alike.


bo mo and a diverse group of winners what luck

Just like with crony capitalism, when you hand select the winners you always get the same results.



Regarding last night’s meal, I’m not sure what they had to eat, I’m just glad it wasn’t one of our Federally mandated school lunches:


The rest of this expose will be leaked out this weekend. I think Breitbart would have liked that.

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