Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Constant Gardener; Constant Wife

Today’s four words: Constant Gardener; Constant Wife.

Yesterday was jammed with news and events, so let me get right to it. With the coincidental publishing of her Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil book, Lady M was able to take to the airwaves to promote the President book.

First up GMA, where we looked, well, quite stunning:

boob belt_gma2. mojpgJust in time for the campaign…it’s ba-aack! Bigger and badder than ever: the Boob Belt!

"I'm going to be out there a lot. I love campaigning.  If every American had the opportunity to travel around the country and go into people's living rooms and talk, we'd understand that we have so much more in common and we're working towards the same goals."

Unclear to some if that’s 100% true, butt good enough for government work.

Obama_AllButOneBig Guy’s energy goals: more sun and wind, less oil and no coal.

And then back to the vegetable theme:

“One thing the president and I, we don’t really like, are beets. We don’t have beets. We’re a no-beet garden. We believe there’s a beet gene. You either love beets or you hate ‘em, and neither of us have the beet gene.”

barack-obama-michelle-obama-india-dance-110710jpg-b5d25129c47d6839BO and MO demonstrate their lack of a beat gene.

And on to the very critical issue of being Beyoncé:

"I love her to death. I was happy to be out there moving my body with her. Anybody who's got talent, I'm all for."

HEALTH-Lets-Move-2America’s got talent: maybe that’s a gene too?

And then it was on to the View, where not only her opinions, butt her impeccable style sense earned rave reviews, as usual:

Michelle Obama joined the ladies on The View this morning, where she looked appropriate and chic in a pleated dress that perfectly flattered her figure — when it comes to dressing for her body, she’s such a pro! While the First Lady is in fantastic shape, she definitely does have a pear-shape — and the a-line silhouette of the skirt combined with the belt accentuated her waist and elegantly flowed around her curves. She looked fantastic!

michelle-fashionthe viewBecause nothing accents your “waist” quite like a double belted radial boob belt

Butt we also covered some important topics with the always insightful ladies of the View: racism and our reelection.

First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on "The View" this morning and was asked about racism in the upcoming election. "Do you think that racism is going to play a part in this campaign?" asked host Barbara Walters.

"You know, racism is still an issue in this country," the First Lady answered. "But I'll tell you right now, Barack Obama is president of the United States. And he's done a phenomenal job. And this country put him in office."

"And they will again." interjected one of the hosts.

"Exactly, absolutely," Michelle answered.

So you heard it there first folks: The View calls a second term for the Wons. Butt remember: this is still a competition not an exhibition. No wagering please.

obama idiot


And still the day wasn’t over: next we taped the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. For this we “shifted” our style to our other campaign dress theme: a Jackie sheath with pearls, ensuring that we still showcased our famously toned second amendment rights:


daily show with Jon Stewart and MoLady M in a timeless sheath: this cut and fit would even make the Fox news bunnies jealous.

On the Daily show, Lady M chatted with Jon about how Big Guy’s parents helped him get on the right path after smoking some weed and doing a little blow:

“He had a mother that was saying ‘you’re so gifted, you’re so talented,’ and would slap him on the head (and say) ‘get yourself together,” she said.

But it wasn’t until his father died, she told Stewart, that he truly grew up.

“That was one of those click-in moments,” she said. “And he really buckled down, he transferred schools, went to Columbia and thought about how to use life to the fullest.”

Amazing. That he would be so effected by the death of a no-show dad I mean. And the advice of a mom who abandoned him to “follow her heart” or whatever. That’s a powerful story.

politifact_photos_Mostly_FalsePowerful, if not true.

mo daily showLady M’s campaign uniform: Jackie sheath and pearl necklace; this one of many colors: black, white and brown. It’s significant.

Anyway, Lady M spent the entire day recounting her trepidations as a gardener as outlined in her compelling new story book: “American Grown, The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.”

“What if the seeds or seedlings were not set in correctly and we ended up with empty beds? What if we couldn’t control the weeds?”

Man! If only the Wons worried half as much about the seeds they’re sowing all across America as they do that damn weed patch out back.


“Let them eat cake”


I’ll cover the Presidential Medal of Freedom honors tomorrow, the TeeVee trifecta has left me close to tilt mode.

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