Friday, June 1, 2012

Hostess with the Mostest

As it turned out, lunch yesterday wasn’t all that exciting: beef, as a nod to the Cowboy’s home state, and organic weeds from the Big White Garden of Good and Evil, just because we serve them with everything.

Butt thanks to 41 and Barbara I,

43 and mom37a8cc5eccf1495aab7fc5f588dd86ef-f43826a77acc42129f286d93bcfe7ee0-17

WWII finally took it’s toll on 41’s hips; butt his feet are still kickin’!

Jenna and Barbara II


and 43 and the lovely Laura,


…the lunch conversation was light and polite. Lady M must be on a diet again because she didn’t eat much, and mostly just ground her teeth. Big Guy ate a few bites and flashed those million dollar choppers of his to remind everybody how charming he is, and that he Won.

The official ceremony revealing George W and Laura Bush’s formal portraits was a lot of fun! W brought his A-game. Big Guy brought Lady M – and like I said that million dollar smile:

           george w25-31-Laura-Bush-Portrait3

For her part, Lady M did everything in her power to make the Bushes feel welcome,


…as long as they didn’t try to wander beyond the rope lines.

mo front and centerSorry, no visitors beyond this point. Secret Service orders.

And I must say, the Bush portraits are lovely:

     5-31-Laura-Bush-Portraitbush 43

Butt I’ll have to remember to mention to Lady M that they are equipped with camera lenses and sensors that will capture any signs of vandalism and/or incoming flying objects. Not that I’m worried. It’s not as if there are things flying around the Big White or anything.


Anyway, it was a very civil affair and nobody even mentioned that George W caused the giant economic mess that Big Guy is still trying to clean up.

So we’ve got a big job between now and November. And if you are worried about how Big Guy is going to handle all of his additional campaigning duties along with his regular job responsibilities here’s your answer: surrogates!

axeman at the gate If Hitler had a son who let himself go, he’d look like this.    h/t bitterclinger

David Axe-man also attends Big Guy’s Tuesday coffee-klatch where our enemies list is reviewed and our kill-list updated. These meetings are very important; not only do we plan our campaign strategy and keep track of our enemies who may need to be eliminated, butt they serve as a test run for how we might run our death squads cost control teams Obamacare panels. Assuming the Supremes don’t act stupidly, and force us to change the rules.

Whatever. We’ll just push “FORWARD!”  with our agenda. To that end, BO will be getting down to serious business today, hitting a historic six (6) separate fundraisers! Because a sitting president’s work is never done. Although I think we have managed to work a round of golf into the heavy schedule this weekend.

Oh, and just one little note on the John Edwards trial decision. Between the acquittal on one charge and mistrial on the others (apparently due to lack of evidence in the prosecutor’s case) I feel as though I was robbed. I was so looking forward to a little Schadenfreude this week. As personally disappointing as the decision was, it looks like this was yet another case of prosecutorial over-reach. 

Maybe prosecutors would revert to the old fashioned concept of prosecuting egregious violations of the law that are supported by evidence if they were prohibited from running for higher office for 5 years or so after leaving their current position.  You know, instead of picking cases that ensure high-profile coverage that will enhance their political careers? Just a random thought about politics.

So, now the “rehabilitation of John Edwards” tour begins, starting on the courthouse steps yesterday, where he tried to pull me into his little mea culpa :


"I do not believe I did anything illegal," Edwards said. "I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. There is no one else responsible for my sins. ... I don't have to go any further than the mirror.”  [most people don’t]

Anyway, John-boy, who already channels dead babies, is now getting communiqués directly from the really BIG GUY. He said yesterday that "I don't think God's through with me." I’m quite, quite certain he’s right about that. The voters, on the other hand, are completely done with him.

edwards haircut

“Thank you God, for freeing me from those $12.95 hair cuts from Super Cuts”

Note to self: mention the $12.95 deal from Super Cuts to Big Guy. He might want to avail himself of that service from now through the end of the reelection season.

And just one last TGIF note - Like father, like son:

         bo george 41US NEWS BUSH-PORTRAITS 3 ABA

Seriously, don’t touch me bro.

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