Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transforming America, One Thingamajig At A Time

Today’s Four Words: thing, a, ma, jig

Hell Day, indeed: unemployment, up; jobs, down; stock market, down, down, down. And May auto sales were disappointing (and don’t even get me started on the $1 billion green car fiasco).

The only thing on the upswing was Big Guy’s fundraising. And thank goodness, we conveniently had an economic speech scheduled in Minnesota yesterday so the fundraisers were right on the way. Plus the Honeywell speech gave BO the opportunity to take to the teleprompter to explain exactly who’s responsible for this ongoing mess that Bush got us into: Europe, clouds, and, of course, the do-nothing thingamajig.

Looks like the stress of the thingamajig is starting to get to Big Guy

Urging Congress to pass his economic measures in the wake of a disappointing jobs report, Mr. Obama told employees of Honeywell in Golden Valley, Minn., that with extra cash from a refinancing plan, some homeowner might “be replacing some thingamajig for their furnace.”

So come on, you laggards! Get your butts out there and buy some thingamajigs! (no, wait… “thingamaJIGS” !?! – can he say that? Doesn’t that seem sort of…racist?)

Well, I don’t know if it’s racist, butt it certainly served as entertainment yesterday for the mindless Romney operatives just waiting to jump on a stupid meme like #thingamajigs

Screenshot Studio capture #539Screenshot Studio capture #540

and #replacequotewiththingamajigs 

Screenshot Studio capture #541Screenshot Studio capture #542Screenshot Studio capture #543

Butt Team-Obama is nothing if not nimble. They quickly co-opted the term for themselves and have already used it to launch a couple of new initiatives. For example, they’re rolling out a new Thingamajigs Plan that includes selective aspects of “all of the above”:

energy THINGAMAJIGS copy

Anyway, what started out as Hell Day ended up as a nice, relaxing evening for Big Guy, back at the house that Rezko built, in his some-times hometown  "to sleep, cook, and “putter in my backyard” with his thingamajigs.


So why don’t you join Big Guy’s effort to turn the U.S. economy around? If everyone bought just one vote for the thingamajig, we could wrap this campaign season up early.


And get back to more important thingamajigs.

hat tipWinning!

So, with Big Guy out of town, Lady M and I are grabbing our government issued AMEX Centurian (aka the “Black” card) and going shopping. We’re going to enact our own economic stimulus by buying a whole bunch of...

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Wait for it...


michelle-obama-twitter-thumb-400xauto-25436We’ll be shopping online, incognito so as not to divulge our real size to snoopy sales clerks.

If all we needed were a few more thingamajigs, we would’ve just run down to Target to pick them up. They’ve got zillions of them.

What are those thingamajigs?

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