Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making the world a more dangerous place one lie at a time.

Being president of the free world just got a little easier! Apparently Vladimir decided that Big Guy shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of being the world’s only superpower and just went ahead and sent warships to Syria without even checking in with BO first. So that “reset” button that Big Guy was so hot to push with Russia? Looks like Vlady went ahead and pushed it himself. And now Vlady isn’t even returning Big Guy’s phone calls.

That’s another historical first!


So, when was the last time an American president was “lectured” by a Russian president? Like, never, right? I wonder if Dmitry forgot to tell Vlady that Big Guy would have more flexibility to disarm America and throw Europe under the bus after his re-election?

putinobama3Nah, nah, na-nah nah! I can’t hear you!

So there’s something else we can check off the old to-do list: “eliminate America’s Superpower status.” Done.

bo hu jintaoNow everyone can see BO as the big old smiley cream puff he really is

So with the new world order firmly in place, Big Guy’s freed up to tend to more pressing matters of domestic social engineering. Like hosting the annual LGBT Pride reception in the Big White, where he basked in their Pride.

bo feelin the loveSmile at me BO, smile at ME!

PrideCookieChef even made special rainbow cookies for the affair

Oh, and in case you were busy de-linting your dryer vent or something and missed last week’s LGBT reception, don’t worry: I’ve got the video tape highlight! It’s a wedding proposal! And if this doesn’t just make you proud to be an American again, I don’t know what would. Watch as transgendered Scout proposes to partner Liz (unspecified sexual preference butt I’m guessing either L or B) at the Big White’s LGBT reception last Friday:

WATCH the proposal (skip to 1:55): I promise, it will make you PROUD (and loud)

A transgender man made a bold move on Friday during an extravagant White House reception in honor of LGBT Pride Month: he dropped down on one knee and proposed to his partner.

Scout, whose full name is legally one word, popped the question to Liz Margolies just minutes after President Barack Obama addressed the guests, many of whom are leaders in the LGBT community…

gay pride day receptionI can tell

Has there ever been a more inclusive White House than the one Big Guy has built?

So anyway, on a completely different news front, I see that Roger Clemens was acquitted of lying to Congress about using steroids. Seriously; I wonder how much that 10 week trial cost taxpayers? That, plus the cost of John Edwards trial on charges of being sleazy, could fund almost any banana republic’s dictator for a year or more.

Butt let’s discuss the seriousness of the underlying accusation against Clemens:

On a scale of 1-10, is lying to Congress about steroid use worse than a candidate for the U.S. Senate lying about Native American status to obtain special privileges?

Or is it worse than the Labor Department lying to the public about the unemployment number for 3 1/2 years?  Despite their ongoing assurances that the private sector is busily creating jobs, now we find out that for the net 100,000 jobs that have been created, we’ve actually had 7.4 million workers that have dropped out of the job market! If I have my math right, that’s 7.3 million fewer Americans working now than 3 1/2 years ago! It’s so bad that apparently even Julia decided to drop out:

Screenshot Studio capture #573Because “standing up for her right to equal pay” is irrelevant if you don’t have a job

Butt back to the discussion of “how serious is it?” - Is a baseball player lying to Congress about pumping up with steroids a bigger deal than a president lying to the media? And the media pumping him up?

“The media is worse than a bunch of corrupt sycophants. It is an institution that wants to be used.”

Or is lying to Congress about performance enhancing drugs worse than violating your oath to uphold the constitution?

Florida-rules-obamaCare-unconstitutionalIf you don’t like the constitution you’ve got, you can CHANGE it!

And finally, is lying to Congress about using steroids to hit home runs better, or worse, than lying to Congress about walking guns? Is it better or worse than being in contempt of Congress?  (I’ll carve out an exception for ordinary taxpayers being held in contempt of Congress, as they have every right to be contemptuous.)

I don’t profess to have the answers to any of the questions raised above. Butt I suspect we’ll all find out given time.

    eric-the withholderbo economy briefing

Disingenuous or just Dyspeptic? I report, you deride.

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