Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Putting our best foot FORWARD: Executive Privilege 101

Wow! Yesterday was a video-rich environment. I won’t post the Big-Guy-gum-chewing G-80/20 conference because it’s everywhere. All I can say is that everyone in the Big White is greatly relieved that the economic summit was held in Mexico instead of Singapore.

Anyway, first up, here’s Lady M on LIVE with Kelly showing off her Double Dutch skills (funny, I knew she was 1/32 Irish, but had no idea she was Dutch too. Although that would explain her chocolate cravings.)

Taped on May 30. With Kelly AND Bryant Gumbel!

mo on live

Don’t get excited: the mini-me does NOT match the bright blue slacks.

Screenshot Studio capture #578

O/T butt remember when Bryant used to be somebody?


And Kelly had her hair combed before going on the air with famous guests?


Ever since Big Guy’s historic election, we’ve been working on lowering making standards more, uh, accessible. Which means they need to be more flexible. In order to level the playing field. Or something. Ya know?

bo constitutionLook, I taught a class in civil rights law, so I’ll tell you how to interpret it

And what could benefit from a little flexibility more than that old decrepit constitution of ours, written by dead white guys?

Anyway, back to the video evidence that our administration is doing everything in our power to stimulate the economy: here’s Dr. Jilly lingerie shopping in Chicago last weekend with no concern for her own personal safety despite all the murder and mayhem occurring around her. I know you’ve seen the video, butt I just want to point out the extent to which Lady M has influenced Dr. Jill. Not only has MO’s passion for healthy eating military families economic recovery rubbed off on Dr. Jill, persuading her to shop like the 1% at expensive lingerie shoppes, butt she’s also adopted Lady M’s practical  headfirst technique for mounting an SUV:

Screenshot Studio capture #579

Although, to be fair – and we’re all about fairness – Dr. Jill did use the running board and did put her left leg in first, sit and then gracefully draw the other leg in. I guess you just can’t teach some people how to be fashion forward: you’re either born with it or you’re not.

Butt getting back to the violence in Rahm’s Chicagoland: can you believe it? 7 dead, 35 wounded - just last weekend! I know it has nothing to do with the fact that Illinois, unlike almost every other of the 57 states, makes it nearly impossible to own a gun…unless you’re a criminal. Is it any wonder that our Attorney General wants to demonstrate that all those guns coming in from Mexico (or is that the other way around? I get confused) via the Fast and Furious program are reason enough to eliminate that pesky Second Amendment right to bear arms.

And Ricky feels so strongly about disarming law-abiding citizens that he’s even willing to con the American people to state on the record that he’s done nothing to deceive, mislead or stonewall Congress. As is always the case in these situations, it depends on what your meaning of “deceive” “mislead” and “stonewall” is. Apparently Big Guy and Ricky don’t see it the same way as Congress so I guess we’re going to have that unseemly contempt vote later today. Unless the R-words accept Big Guy’s latest scam dodge bluff  move granting Ricky Executive Privilege. Although, if Ricky hasn’t done anything to “deceive, mislead or stonewall” the Congressional committee, what precisely does he need an Executive Privilege for?

eric bo who himHe’s with me, so he gets a pass, got it? ‘Cuz I WON.

Well, it’s going to be another scorcher butt that isn’t going to keep Lady M and JoeyB from their appointed rounds, Joey in New Orleans and MO in Colorado.

At Lady M’s event yesterday, it was standing room only:

mo crowded roomApparently someone forgot to order the chairs

And whoa! What’s this?

mo crowded room

I thought Adidas pulled these “slave shoes” from the shelves.


Well, it’s not as if el Rushbo didn’t try to warn them.

I’m just afraid all the racist pressure coming at us is beginning to get to Lady M. Whenever she’s stressed, that little eye thing that Suzette first brought to my attention, comes back:

mo little eyeAnd I failed to notice in time to fix it yesterday

This time it was accompanied by that famously pinched face.

I know it’s going to be hot, butt I think I’ll wear my special quilted coat today anyway.

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