Saturday, June 23, 2012

The most arrogant man in the world invites himself to your wedding

If you believe your ideology and rhetorical skills alone can resolve a deeply ideological conflict that has been raging for millennia in the Middle East:

“After decades of accepting the world as it is in the region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be.”  Barack Hussein Obama

you might just be the most arrogant man in the world.

h/t: Fausta

Butt here’s an offer that seals the deal on that honor:  the Campaign to Give the Gift that keeps Giving Website is now open for business:  The Obama Event Registry!

boevent registeryh/t: Weasel Zippers

It’s very simple: Do you have an event coming up between now and November 6th? You know, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other gifting occasion? If you do, Big Guy is offering you the opportunity to make history by letting him occupy your gift table.

As several of you have pointed out, it’s unfortunate that we didn’t have this in place before Valjar’s daughter’s wedding last weekend. That would have produced a real haul - I heard Tony Rezco gave the newlyweds a house!

Now let’s not get all wee-weed up. Unlike greedy vulture capitalists who just want to make as much money as possible, Big Guy’s fund raisers have limited the amount you can ask your guests to contribute overall to just $1,000,000. However, I was not aware of that limit when, being a capitalist pig myself, I registered the only BIG event I have scheduled for 2012:


So I guess I’ll have to file a revised form, butt never let it be said that I don’t think BIG.

Of course all of you are invited and I HOPE you’ll be there and contribute while you still can!

motus romney page-wm-updated copy

I have a feeling this may be a limited-time offer

motus #ObamaEventRegistry


Anyway, in case you’re invited to a wedding this summer and the bride and groom are too selfish to set up a Big Guy registry, here’s another thoughtful wedding gift I’ve heard about: a subscription to That way your future children can avoid the embarrassment of finding out the hard way that all those old family rumors about great-great-great-great granny being a slave or an Indian princess aren’t actually true.


mo princess pocohantas fall holiday gown copyNative Indian Princess Mocohontas: Where do you think she got those high cheekbones?

Butt getting back to Big Guy’s suggestion that you give your wedding presents to him. It’s really not all that arrogant when you think about it. Because you’re really not worthy. And he is.

Still, I’m not sure this send-us-your-wedding-gifts plan is such a hot idea. I know Big Guy likes his waffles.

obama-eating-wafflesJust let me eat my waffle, man

Butt really, how many waffle irons can he use?

I have a bad feeling about this registry anyway. I know an awful lot of people who sent a gift for the Won’s last wedding. Butt since they don’t believe that his union with the American people was consummated in the traditional manner, they want to take their gift back for a refund, and aren’t likely to be sending a second one for another wedding. At least that’s what I hear.

barack-obama-whoops-buyers-remorseDon’t do it again

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