Thursday, June 21, 2012

Announcing Little Mo’s new assignment

If MOTUS had a mole in the Department of Justice, he wouldn’t look like one of Big Guy’s sons, butt he might look like this:

little mo press hatLittle Mo, as he received his first Press credentials.

If you don’t remember how Little Mo came to live with us in the Big White, following is a brief retrospective of his career.

Little Mo’s first public appearance: Moles, Polls and Controlled Fat Rolls:

imageMole runs past Big Guy in the Rose Garden while he’s yammering about the Wall Street mess.

Which occurred shortly after our first big Mexican fiesta, Primer Fiesta Mexicano Histórico:

. . .  Bayless will serve a 28-ingredient Oaxacan black mole at the state dinner . . .

Moles? For dinner? And black ones at that!?!

It was back then that Big Guy first advised President Calderone about our Operation Fast and Furious – because he wouldn’t think of launching such an operation without first advising and getting the go ahead from our good neighbor.

          duo presidentesfelipe Calderon

Then there was this 4th of July appearance, Home For the Holiday- Feliz Quarto De Julio – when Lady M punished me and Little Mo just because I asked for a raise:

Anyway, the long and short of it is Lady M decided to send me and Little Mo back to the Big White to weed and water the Big White Organic Garden of Versus in order to give our illegal Mexicans the rest of the Quarto de Julio weekend off. Which I think is not only vindictive (I only asked for a 5% raise, and my health insurance alone went up 160% – more if I had opted for the extended warranty), butt also kind of silly since none of our illegal gardeners are real citizens, and therefore don’t really have the right to celebrate our independence. Do they?

Don’t worry though, Little Mo got even:

moleholesMoleholes in Lady M’s precious sweet potatoes

And here we have Little Mo’s first official Big White undercover mole report (and definitely worth a revisit – an all time fave) : Republicans - On A Train Bound For Nowhere:

As Boehner reached for another Marlboro, the door between cars opened and a shadowy figure,wearing a Stetson, slowly walked in past the security guards. Stunned, they sat in silence as the man sat down in the seat across from them and stared out the window...

And you may remember when we enjoyed this special birthday treat that Chef whipped up:

(Chef Comfy) did surprise all of us last month with this really weird, and I must say, tasty dish for Little Mo’s birthday.

pastitsio “Mole Hole” House Special

Comfy really showed us her “Wise Philappina” empathy by making Little Mo a special dish that traced back to his authentic garden roots. He had the time of his life racing through the tunnels…

And then there was this heart stopping moment when Little Mo got tangled up in the root structure of one of Lady M’s peacock tails at our summer harvest:  Peacock Blue. And Green. All Organic: 

 little Mo in fennel watermark

That’s Little Mo, inside the blue circle. You remember:  he escaped from the whirling jaws of Ricky’s blender at the big State Mole Fiesta dinner we threw for Felipe who came to town to tell us how to  operate our open border more effectively. Don’t worry, Little Mo  escaped from Ricky’s kitchen and Big Guy’s speech (something no one else has done so far) so he had no problem hauling tail out of Lady M’s roots. As a precaution though, I’m placing MO’s toxic garden off limits on harvest days.


Well, I mention all of that “on background” only so you realize how inherently qualified Little Mo is for his new and so far most critical assignment: providing us with information on deep background from within the Department of Justice itself. I think this may be the only way we get to the bottom of the this current Fast and Furious Executive Privilege maneuver. And since we here at the Big White are committed to being completely transparent, we will use whatever means possible to deliver on that promise. 

So say goodby to Little Mo for a bit, we won’t be seeing him again for awhile.


Butt we will be hearing from him. Little Mo will be ensconced clandestinely - deep within the bowels of the DOJ – and will be providing exclusive, anonymous reports to MOTUS readers using the moniker “Deep Quote.” 

Because remember: if you can squelch a story on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Ms.NBC you can squelch it anywhere (except, of course, on FOX and the loony rightwing blogs).

So stay tuned…

Oh! I almost forgot in the midst of the big news. Lady M addresses the loving crowds in Colorado wearing her $35 election year H&M special after a trip to the Singer:


Lady M in her signature Mokadots

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