Friday, May 21, 2010

Moles, Polls and Controlled Fat Rolls

I am getting tired of talking about the huge Mexican fiesta. But this was truly the party that refuses to end. Hopefully, this is the final wrap up.

First, just a side note on the menu. Did you see this? Apparently one of Ricky’s moles had super-survivor instincts and managed to elude the blender. He made a dash for it yesterday – right in front of  Big Guy while  he was pre-celebrating the passing of his Financial Reform bill. Polls indicate this will be a big hit with Main Street.

image Mole runs past Big Guy in the Rose Garden while he’s  yammering about the Wall Street mess.


The little guy, on the move. Note the lack of a long tail, and the decidedly hefty build: apparently he grabbed a snack in the kitchen before going missing.

The press corpse were still arguing about whether it was a mouse, a rat, a mole or a vole. And while a rat would have been the “best answer” given the topic under discussion –Wall Street - I assure you it was one of Ricky’s moles. I actually saw the little guy escape when he caught wind of what was going on in that blender. Under the circumstances, I guess he figured his chances were better with the the reporters than with Ricky, the mad mixologist. I can’t blame the little guy, and he was right: among the chattering classes, he’s just one of many rodents. As long as he stays under the radar, he should be fine.

Speaking of the fiesta – and this will be the last word on it – I have a little more information on the shimmery blue gown Lady M wore. Mr. Soronen was raised in a Detroit suburb, and the Detroit Free Press got this scoop about Lady M’s gown from Peter himself:

“This one has a fully boned corset, a silver belt and layers of chiffon — with a bit of lame that Soronen said gives it that little bit of sparkle.”

U.S. First lady Michelle Obama (R) and first lady of Mexico Margarita Zavala are seen wearing blue and purple evening gowns as they head into the formal state dinner in honor of Mexico's President Felipe Calderon at the White House in Washington May 19, 2010.

Well, at least now we know what happened to Tillikum, the killer whale.

I’m exhausted. I hope I can power down for a few hours.