Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stars, Quarks, Black Holes and A Full Moon

The guest list  for our Mexican Taco Night was just released to the press. Dr. Stephen Chu is coming, which explains why we had to quickly drop Jonathan Katz, the astrophysicist, from the Energy Department’s task force to fix the oil leak in the Gulf. Big Guy didn’t want the conversation preoccupied with Dr.Chu explaining why we have a homophobe working on the oil slick.

And here’s your star gazer alert: watch for George Lopez, Eva Longoria-Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, New York Jets Mark Sanchez and D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Olympic gold medal winner Shani Davis and also, Gayle King, a returning guest from the last state dinner. The Oprah’s going to be upset.

Oh, and Hillary isn’t bringing Bill: “previous engagement,” ha, ha, ha!

Gotta run, Smootie has to figure out where best to position me so I can reflect  any possible imposters AND make Lady M’s butt look small – without going overboard and making it too obvious.


photo compliments of Gerard’s KA-CHING! Blame him for ruining the cocktail hour.