Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potty Break Posting

Ok, I’ve got to hurry, because Lady M will be back from “powdering her nose” in just a second. Butt it gives me time to upload some reflections from my HD that I’m sure you want to see.

First, Madame, The Butt Shot You Requested:

mo buttI’ll, explain the “tail thingy” tomorrow.

what do i smell Frijoles?

pair of girls Margarita displays the Mexican girls

deflated Well, the “tail thingy” failed and the girls deflated

clumsy bitchSmooty’s new First Family Intro:

“Here Come The Os, Here Come The Os” 

don't look at those girls again“Look at those girls again, and this won’t be the only ball you’ll be missing” 

miming a chair “Guests with Lawn Seating, will find this more comfortable than the wet grass”

Oh my, gotta go . . . bye