Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hemlines: They’re a lot like borders

El Mexican Presidente and el American Presidente spent much of last week trying to out do each other bashing America, er, the United States portion of it anyway.

bo felipe and harryFelipe and BO, casting little shadows on Harry who –although dead for 38 years - still has more cojones than these 2 combined 

That left the the final word on the border issue up to the Mexican and American First Ladies. They chose to do so while also making a fashion statement on hemlines. Just like women who no longer follow fashion dictates regarding proper hemline lengths, citizens need no longer heed our border dictates. Both hemline  and border rules are there more to provide guidance than to mandate adherence.

Sucking lemons on the borderline sucking lemons

Hemlines: they’re the new borders –meaningless, meandering and better off if just left to their own devises.

Hems: more of an allusion than an actual boundaryhems

Note the Mexican hem: while the southern half seems quite straight forward and well defined, the northern hem is uneven, and not very well maintained. The American hemline: the entire southern boundary appears irregular, amorphous, needs to be pinned down.