Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Big Blow Headed for Tampa

Who knows exactly what our crazy old uncle has up his sleeve?

joey the bee

The only thing I know for sure is it’s not his sleeve. 

As far as I’ve been able to determine this is Val Jar’s idea, although it looks like she’s working in concert with the rest of the handlers. I’m not clear on the particulars, butt it sounds like a nefarious update on the old Dirty Tricks strategy. You know; create a rumble of some sort – I’m hesitant to say what sort, butt if you read the comments on Ulsterman’s WHI report you’ll get the gist of it – then blame it on the other side.

And the RNC in Tampa is the perfect locale for such a gambit, hence the announcement of the Joey Unleashed Tour.

hey joe where'd you get that smileI hear there’s a Big Blow headed for Tampa next week.

Here’s the buzz: Big Guy’s handlers - and by that I mean Big Unions - are willing to do anything to prevent a  changing of the guard at the Big White. And his other handlers - and by that I mean Crony Capitalists and Progressive Socialists (butt I repeat myself) United - are likewise inclined to ensure that there is no changing of the guard at the gates of the Federal Treasury.

bo and joeyMeet the Gatekeepers

So they hatched this plan as a twofer: it will create sympathy for Big Guy, blow back against Big Guy’s enemies and if everything goes according to plan, it could give Joey a legitimate reason to decide to spend more time with his family after a most unfortunate mishap. I guess I should note that Joey is not technically considered one of the guards at the gate; he’s more of a trip wire. That’s already been tripped.

joey b

So, don’t be concerned if Joey’s antics in Tampa attract a bunch of “thugs” dressed up and advertising themselves as Tea Party enthusiasts. They will really be the usual anarchists and occupiers, making mischief, creating mayhem, threatening the peace and otherwise breaking the law.


What could go wrong? Joey’s all over it.

put em up“Yep, I’ve got it boss, Chicago style: “You bring a knife I’ll bring my fists.”

Seriously, this may be too hot for even me to handle. While normally I’d dismiss such crazy talk out of hand, I’m forced to remember who I’m dealing with here. I’ve seen it before: desperate politicos make for mighty desperate desperados.

valerie-jarrett-obama“When I count to 5, open your eyes and your super powers will have returned.”

And it’s not as if we have anything else to run on, despite Joey’s braggadocio yesterday about creating 200,000 “brand new good paying jobs.” I guess most people are still focused on the millions of old good paying jobs that Big Guy and Joe wiped out. So I guess they figure they might as well give this harebrained scheme a go.

The handlers just want to find a way for Joey to step aside with dignity: to allow him to get back into his comfort zone: the train station.

joebiden station

They think it’s time to give someone with a little more gravitas a shot at the Veep slot. Preferably an old white guy with some experience. Someone who is, obviously, more interested in saving the Democratic party than his wife is.

some man time“Just think about it Joe. You could play with your toy trains all day long. And Bubba here said he’d be glad to help out.”

Maybe we’d all be better off if that happens.

joe biden home depot

“Hi! Are you finding everything you’re looking for?”

On the other hand this could all be a red herring, intended to get the RNC types sounding all hysterical and crazy. Either way, as WHI noted in his Ulsterman communiqué, things are getting dangerous and scary out there which is why I’ve not been able to make contact with my mole over at Justice. I tweeted him this morning for some insight, butt all I got back was “Not now.”

I’ll keep you apprised.

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