Monday, August 20, 2012

It’s not the Quantity, it’s the Equality

Things are a little tense around here today. Lady M is hosting the “Mrs. Obama’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge” at noon today, and that means no Wagu sliders, fries or milkshakes until “tea” time later this afternoon.

And speaking of “tee” time, not only did Big Guy not get to go golfing yesterday, butt he had to get dressed up and go to church with the family. It’s the one part of campaigning he doesn’t like.

bo family church time

And it looks like he’s not the only one.

For her sacrifice, Lady M wore recycled. This one is an oldie that we originally wore on our South American wine tour in 2011. Chile to be exact, with one of our signature squirting flower brooches.

moisthiscrochet4 moblue26

I reported on its debut in Stemless at the Stern. It was one of my most popular posts and covered everything from beach umbrellas to stemware and the proper grip thereof. Of course much of the discussion revolved around Lady M’s unique blue dress that seemed to take it’s inspiration from the Barbie crochet collection.


                  obama churchScreenshot Studio capture #032

As did several other outfits MO sported on that trip:

barbieeverybodieshappy4leaving riocrochetrainbowdolltopfront2


*sigh* Looking back at those happy times makes me long for the good old days when we had more time to vacation and didn’t have to campaign all the time. It’s probably just because it’s the end of August and I’ve grown accustomed to spending these end of summer days playing poker and smoking cigars with the Secret Service guys up on Martha’s Vineyard.

Butt I’m not complaining; I know that this election isn’t really about me – or you - at all.


It’s really about America’s trajectory.

So, we’ll be hitting the campaign trail again this week. And I understand that our current plan is to go small: after all it isn’t the quantity that counts, it’s the equality, right? So we don’t need huge rallies any more, as long as the people who do show up can register at least 1-5000 additional people, cats and dogs – living and dead –to vote the BO-Joe (?) ticket.

And for the record, our current “go-small” plan has nothing to do with the “Ryan Effect” or the fact that we can’t even manage to fill up a decent sized cul-de-sac anymore.

bo small crowd

Anyway, we’ve got a lot of work to do between now and November 6. Just in case it’s really really about the quantity after all.


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