Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Anarchist Diary

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we spent sacrificing in Florida. And by sacrificin’ I mean we wore recycled. This little number, coincidentally, made it’s debut in Florida back in 2009 when MO addressed a crowd at Miami-Dade College. She accompanied it with her J.Crew sweater to keep it real.

First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Miami Dade EJoeZKg6EQVl

Its next appearance was in the famous 2010 “Umbrellas of New Orleans” series, sans sweater in order to show it off to its full advantage.

mo new orleans and , uh, hindquarters

obama-umbrella(I would have used this one again, butt it really highlights Big Guy’s skills more than Lady M’s)

And now, here we are, back again with a new mini-me sweater in the same off-lavender shade as the original J. Crew, this time with matching slippers. I told Lady M the first time around that this color doesn’t photograph well with all the bright colors in the frock, especially the purple, butt did she listen to me?

FL  Fl-michelle-obama-campaign-florida06

No. I’ve noticed over these past few years that both of the Wons think they perceive things a whole lot better than they actually do.

you didn't build that bo

And you can’t tell either won of them anything.


Butt Lady M’s remarks hit it out of the park in Fort Lauderdale. She covered every special interest group and hot button there is out there. At one point she told  women:

"Make sure that you tell people that your president believes that women should be able to make our own choices about our health care."

I’ve no idea how that concept gibes with the Death Panels. Or as Sun Sentinel commenter “Fishearter” asks with regard to “choices:”

“ Is that really what you think they'll get from a 15 member board of non-medical bureaucrats now led by a nurse, Moochelle? Yep, Dr. Donald "Rationed Care" Berwick, the healthcare czar, was just replaced by a nurse. I guess later she'll be replaced by a mid-wife and eventually by Joe the plumber.

Meanwhile, cross country, Big Guy entered a spelling bee at Ohio State University yesterday, putting up very few points for either himself or the school:

Dyslexic in OhioBO and 3 potential Ohio State graduates demonstrate the epidemic of dyslexia sweeping the country… “O-I-H-I”  - or maybe that’s the entry code for one of those secret trap doors?

Maybe they were just trying to help Big Guy get more of those “I’s” in “Obama” that he likes so much. The right wingnutz were having a field day as you might imagine. The smarty pants Twitchy reported, “Obama finally discovered one of those missing seven states.” Ha ha. Very funny. Of course our lapdogs did everything possible to cover the gaffe, immediately putting out word that it was the work of right wing terrorists using their evil powers of Photoshop.

Even an experienced journolist like Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper jumped on that meme


before pulling his Tweet. Butt not before screen-grabs appeared, thereby proving the very point he had made to Laura Ingraham just the day before about the media being in the bag for BO in ‘08. All of which probably explains this unexpected phenomenon as well: media companies donations tilt heavily to Big Guy. Goodness, who could have called that one?

obama tiltChart3

So, aside from that little dyslexic episode in Columbus I think we can say things are coming along quite well. Apparently we’ve even lined up some of the old Occupiers for a return engagement in Tampa. And once again, the press is playing along, calling them “anarchists” so that nobody will connect them directly with the Occupiers, who we warmly embraced before we tepidly stepped away as the entire movement turned into a pile of manure.

Or maybe the media doesn’t know as much about anarchists as they should. Or socialists, either, for that matter.


Smells like Socialism to me.


Butt I guess calling the thugs socialists would give them a bad name. Thugs, I mean.

My only question: how are they going to pin this one on that dangerous radical Tea Party?


Oh wait! I think I get it now!


They’ve always been a seditious lot. The Tea Party I mean.

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