Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thin Skin and in the Game

Oh for Pete’s sake, can we get any more thin skinned around here?

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The following message brought to you by Howdy Messina

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Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president of the United States, just said this:

"No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised."

Take a moment or two to think about that, what he's actually saying, and what it says about Mitt Romney.

Then make a donation of $5 or more to re-elect Barack Obama today:



Jim Messina
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“Take a moment to think about that?” I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Howdy.

I mean, now we’re getting upset about a birth certificate joke? After we’ve all heard Big Guy make birth certificate jokes himself?  I guess it’s like the n-word that dare not speak it’s name: “I can tell birth certificate jokes (without being a racist birther), butt don’t you dare even think about telling birth certificate jokes (because that would make you a racist birther).”

All I’m going to say is that Big Guy may have been complicit in the the “genesis” of this controversy. After all, he’s the one who wrote two composite autobiographies chocked full of composite characters, composite childhood memories and composite “girlfriends.”  Is it really such a stretch for people to assume that he likewise created a “composite” birth certificate?

birth certificate white-house-pdf-layers-640_s640x415The making of an American president

Oh, and by the way, In case you’ve forgotten, Big Guy is a little thin skinned about other things as well, so let’s not go there.

bo ears“I said, don’t talk about my ears.”

And speaking of birth certificates, mine indicates that today is my official birth day. I know, I know: that’s not what I have listed on my Facebook. Butt nobody puts their real information up of Facebook, do they?

So I’m taking the rest of the day off to play. The rest of you should go enjoy the weekend as well. We’ll need our schtrength for the next 70 days of Occupation.

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