Monday, September 3, 2012



Raj is set to CHANGE my comment system over to Disqus tonight. I HOPE Fingers crossed everything will work out okay. As I reported earlier, Echo, is going out-of-business  shortly (thanks, Big Guy, Won more empty chair)

2 empty chairs in the echo chamberMake that 2 empty chairs in the Echo Chamber

So gone will be all of our double-double echoes. Also gone butt not missed will be the post “poofings” and login problems (again, I HOPE). I will miss several of the features that led me to select Echo in the first place: “rich text” hyperlinking ability and displaying names/avatars of “likees.”  Butt that’s apparently the price of moving FORWARD..

As many of you already know from using Disqus on other sites, it has image and video embedding, “likes” and many login options. They also promise to add more features in the future (Where have I heard that before?) butt I have to convert before I find out exactly what’s in it.

The worst part of this CHANGE is that all our old comments will vanish, HOPE-fully just temporarily until Raj can get Echo to do a final synch, which should allow him to re-post our old comments. Most likely we’ll lose all the old embedded images & videos Crying face butt like I said, moving FORWARD. is not free.

forward with empty chairsThat’s a lot of empty chairs

Anyone who hasn’t used Disqus before can check out the cool  Disqus tutorial Raj put together for us, and he’s also volunteered to help anybody who has trouble. Isn’t he swell? He said he’s finished giving TOTUS all his pre-scam-paign updates, so the only thing big Guy has him working on is his Organizing for Obama Dashboard (I’ll fill you in on that later).

So, hang onto your mouses(?), meeses(?) and let’s go where MOTUS has never gone before.

I HOPE this works!

Change over scheduled for 10:00 pm EDT tonight.

UPDATE: Secret Security goons are lurking everywhere in the Big White tonight. They’ve been assigned to find out who put the empty chair in front of the Big White (more on that tomorrow) so I’m jumping to Disqus a little early. Raj has to take my firewall down while he does the conversion, and he wants to complete it while the SS is still prowling the West Wing. I’m sure everything will be fine, butt remember if you have any problems, anxiety or concerns you can contact Raj at (or click on his email in the sidebar) and he will get back to you ASAP with expert technical advice, in English. Although, he doesn’t get up very early.

I’m sure we’ll have you all back on line in short order. Fingers crossed Butt remember, all the old comments will “go dark” (is that racist?) for awhile until Raj can do his final sync.

Little Mo is playing the Doors “I Can’t See Your Face" In My Mind". Is that an omen?